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Females are not suppose to be in authority. You can decide to follow me or not. ♦ Kno
Male Dominant, 53,  The Ozarks Mts., Arkansas US

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Submissive Female

A Poly Household

Females are not suppose to be in authority.

You can decide to follow me or not.

Know and accept your place,

who and what you are.

Your actions are what define you.


The Gorean Philosophy is based on the natural order (the base commonalities of old world cultures, God and nature)Greek, Roman, Persian, Ottoman, Middle Eastern and Orient cultures, all represented to one degree or another. The 'lions share' of culture for females is Middle Eastern and Orient cultures, and then Greco-Roman for males. Goreans believe pain is for punishment..period (that Sadomasochism is a perversion), hence the rivalry with BDSM.


Norman used the 'Counter-Earth' (counter feminism) stories to illustrate the philosophy to the masses, to represent the natural order in opposition to the feminist movement. He was, is and probably always will be astonished that his stories not only survived, but thrived and gave rebirth as an opposing culture, in the midst of the feminist movement.


 For the record BDSM hates Gor,

and is not shy about lying, twisting words

 and meanings to get you to follow them instead of Gor,

 for the most part they do accomplish there goal.

BDSM formed in 1968, it is a social device

of the feminism and gynocentrism.

The Gorean philosophy is not a social device,

it is actually the opposite of the BDSM device,

and there in lies in the rivalry.

If we have contact,

you will reap what you sow in me.

Do you continue to want a 'Dominate' that panders to you?

I am not the kind of man to join your 'dog and pony show'

of so called 'Dominants' vying for your attention.

No Thanks, I have more respect for myself than that.

"submission is not a gift, it is an obligation.

Domination is not just a right,

it is a privilege,

that carries a responsibility to manage

and maintain the slave.

An obligation of the inferior to surrender

to the Superior."-dey4hegemony

Goreans believe females are created to be

obedient pleasure vessels.

Do you think you can always do better

somewhere else or with someone else?

"I can't find a 'Dom to fit what I want",

"he's not right for me",

"he's too hard"

"he wants too much",

"he has to do it my way"

... this is self defeating.


I've never seen a submissive be successful with this attitude.

They do this because they carry a 'trump card of power' in their back-pocket.

If you really want to change your life -

it's not going to be a 'comfortable' thing to do.


I have found that after years of this

...that most females really don't understand the dynamic.


They want the dynamic, but they don't want the consequence of it.

They play up the 'dog and pony show' of men to feed their ego.

They are disrespectful. They have no manners or etiquette,

and then blame the Dominant for it.

Unrealistic goals.

(fairy tales)

They bring their feminist expectations with them

 'that the man has to fit to them' or it is not even considered.


Failure is imminent for this female.


.... in her actions, she spreads chaos into households,

she is a liability

to the culture and the dynamic,

she will waste other peoples' time,

desire and sincerity and

further weaken the culture/society,

Instead of making the culture stronger... she drags it down.

Do you know how to vette?

When the opportunity with a real trainer strikes,

are you ready to go full throttle for him?

Do you even know what a opportunity is?

Do you make bad choices?

A free submissive's final choice


(and you will have to live with it)


Your final choice as a free submissive female is to trust or not to trust - that is it, because hopefully, ultimately you will have to face that 'moment of truth' between you and a Owner. Choose wisely not emotionally, Ideology (not like minds) is most important.

Domination is as old as time itself,

it is not Sadomasochism (BDSM) by default,

as some would have you believe.

It is important you know the difference.

You have a choice to make.

Gorean female training is an all encompassing 'big picture" in training,

not just a handful of things.

You do not have to be Gorean to qualify - just willing to learn.

..if you look at this as 'dating' - you will fail.

Gorean training is an 'all encompassing' in being female training,

...if you look at this as 'getting an education' for a better life - you will be successful.

'Immaturity' is not Gor

'Gay Gor'(LGBT) is not Gor.

'Online Gor' is not Gor.

Female supremacy is not Gor.

Gynocentrism is not Gor.

Sadomasochism is not Gor.

Hypocrisy is not Gor.

Goreans are not Fetishist.

...if you type 'Gorean ______' into a search will get page after page of disinformation and misrepresentation,

it has been like this since 'Second Life' started.

If you do not already know Gor,

you will not be able to discern any reliable information from a search.

If you want to do your own research,

I have always had list of good sources available......just ask.

...if you've been trained by a female - I consider you

'damaged goods' and would question your beliefs.

  If you have accepted and liked training in BDSM, you're probably not going to like Gor,

not that I wouldn't give you a chance if you're sincere about wanting the change.

 The Gorean Philosophy drives a stake into the heart of feminism.

All females

are born to be subjugated and controlled.

....unless the female is corrupted.

Feminism (gynocentrism) = corruption

Feminisms goal is female supremacy.(it's an Ideology)

If you believe that men and women should be 'equal' - you are a feminist.

If you believe women should have the 'trump card of power' over men - you are a feminist. (This is one of the foundations of the gynocentrism Ideology, it' is 'back-door dominance')

If you believe women should have 'authority over men' in any shape or form - you are a feminist.

Yes, it is that 'black and white', this is a foundational Ideological shift from the natural order, that is held by both men and women in western society - that doesn't make it right.

...despite what you say, I will consider you a feminist until you prove to me

by your actions and sustained behavior that you're not.

Do you want to remove the feminism in your life?


TPE is the power shift

as it has existed through out time,

anything else is a feminist derivative by percentage.

For the female, there is nothing more feminine than being owned.

female slavery = female fulfilment

Maturity, Submission, Integrity and Femininity.

Are you, your own worst enemy? Do you make bad choices? Is a life of Feminism and equal rights not working out for you? Do you believe that you should be the property of a man?  Are you looking for a 'Owner' or 'Boyfriend'? If you expect to be courted/pursued then you are looking for a boyfriend (where you have the trump card of power).  Where do your priorities lie? Do imagines of female slavery and subjugation stir a deep well of longing and feelings, and you do nothing about it. Are you the female you were meant to be? Are you betraying yourself? Many questions to be asked and answered, leading to only one realization.

So many of you know the truth and still stand in denial to it, denial comes in many forms. Which form are you parading?


Do you want change in your life? There is a narrow path to be followed, you must be willing and determined to do it. We must undo your feminist indoctrination and conditioning. This will take faith, honesty, courage, maturity and dedication on your part. Nobody is going to hand this to you (it's not free or easy). It will be a hard thing to do. But without training and being owned (subjugation) you will never become anything more than what you are at this moment. Slave training will teach you to undo feminism in your life. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. Submission by percentage (D4 or lower) will not take you very far on your journey and you'll never be happy. If you want core fulfilment you will have to one day surrender totally to continue (D5 or higher), so why not do it now and learn the 'right way'? This is far too important a thing to be taken 'in light' - so many do and fail. Look in the mirror, *who are you? *what are you? You may not like what you find, accepting it or doing something about it is up to you.

 Does the photo of the nude female, chained and being lead by a man, make you feel a yearning desire (your inner voice) to be her. If so you should with out a doubt be seriously looking to enter slavery, if you don't your in denial.

Do you belong 'at the hand of men?'

-Are you a Submissive?

-Are you serious about it?

-Do you understand, that 'like minded' is not enough?

-Do you believe men have a birthright?

-Are you looking for a boyfriend/partner or a Owner?

-Are you ready/willing to denounce feminism?

-Do you understand that love is a gift or is earned? not a requirement or foundational.

-Do you believe the female body was designed for a man's pleasure?

-Do you consider or believe you should be 'property'?

-Do you want to belong to something? (a culture - not just a man)

-Are you willing to be extensively trained?

-Are your afraid of the journey (transformation) to total submission?

-Are you willing to be owned for the rest of your life?

so let's knock-it-down a little and find out...

Do you have realistic expectations? you even know what a realistic expectation would be?

Do you understand,

that you are in earnest, trying to acquire

a way of life that has been out-lawed,

and if caught you will not been the one to suffer.

Are these your goals?

(they should be)

What you should want...

- to undo the feminist indoctrination and conditioning you've been subjected to

- be an asset to men - not a liability

- to be female flesh (to be one with your spirit and body)

- to be fulfilled

- to be in good health

- to be obedient/respectful

- to be grounded in your existence

- to be property

  What/Who do you want to be in 5 years?

(why only 5 years? as a submissive should not look too-far into the future. again 'Why?' you might ask, ...because your existence is in the present, and you won't be making those decisions - your owner will.)

Elimination at this point:

Did you disqualify me in your requirements?

(<D4)(blocked, why should I bother)

1. "I'm into _____" (fetishes, kinks, fantasies)

2. BBC or Black Supremacy

3. "I'm intelligent, have opinions, etc." (gynocentrism, male pride, you think too much)

4. Disrespectful

5. Mask of Submission and/or Back-door Dominance (ie. Are you looking for someone who deserves you?)

6. Lack of integrity or being arrogant

7. having more than 10 'friends' on your profile and who/what they are, like it or not - this reflects you

8. strap-ons, vibrators or fisting are a good idea

9. married/owned/attached/under consideration

10. you consider this 'dating' - looking for a 'good fit', 'good match' or a 'connection'. Do you think love or fetishes = obedience.

11. Bestiality, toilet, LGBT

12. weigh more than 160lbs

13. ignoring or not acknowledging/answering an email, a blow-off, ghosting. (immaturity)

14. on the road of 'self-destruction'.

15. bent (obsessed) on destroying your natural beauty?

16. is there a third party between us?

17. if you have 'Dominant men and women' in your 'Actively seeking', (hypocrisy, or you believe that the roles of D/S are a 'choice' and not inherent to gender)

18. and last but not least, you require a sadomasochistic core.



The more education (feminist indoctrination) you have,

the less valuable you are.

The less education you have is the less indoctrinated you are,

 the more valuable you are.


A Master could be a boyfriend or husband,


but a boyfriend or husband can not be your Master.


On age. 18-65. I do not care how old you are, I'm not looking to start a family. I care more about that which makes you female; 'femininity' and 'maturity' - age has nothing to do with either. Also, I do not transpose my relationships with my family onto non-family. If you don't understand that, maybe you will this, "you are not my mother, sister or daughter, you're not family, don't expect me to give you those considerations - that means I can use you for my own means." So if you are using an age bracket comparable to your own as a qualifier, your (dating) looking 'boyfriend/husband' - not a Master. The only time age should be a factor would be in the raising of children.

 As a female "slave" is the child bearing protocol applied to you,

-if your 28 - you're past child bearing age,

-if your 30 or older - your kidding yourself.

(If you're 30 or over, you should not have an age interest or requirement.)

(This doesn't mean I want children.) 

 Females that have children, make sure you don't have your head up your should expect to be asked lots of questions about them from a prospective owner to his satisfaction - not yours: the legal situation, their father, and your expectations for them, and saying 'the fathers isn't a problem' - isn't good enough. The prospective owner is taking a big chance, you're already a liability having children, don't make it worse by implying pedophilia because he wants to protect what he's got. I'm not saying, not to be cautious.


The Dynamic. Dominants/Owners (power) by their nature define (in black and white) everything. They define themselves (dominance, rulers), females (submission, subjects), their surroundings, then act on it (take ownership, acquisition). They don't want or need someone to define them - like submissives who need to be defined.  A Dominant is by nature fulfilled by his dominance (he has ownership of his surroundings) - while a submissive needs to be fully defined (subjugated, ruled) to be fully fulfilled.

The type of Owner you have and his Ideology is what defines you. So if you as a female who defines your submission - you are taking a Dominant position, not a submissive one. Another example would be, if your looking for a 'Dominant/Owner' to fit to you (feminism, dominance, pride) - instead of you fitting to him (femininity, submission, humbleness). This is one reason why so many females fail - Arrogance.


Here is an outline of 'The 9 Degrees of Submission' (These were originally from the S&M culture, but when you take out the S&M aspects, they can be used by the M/S & D/S cultures)


  - The full S&M version,

These classifications have nothing to do with your intelligence, experience or lack of.

They do have everything do with your beliefs.


   - D1-D4, are definitions of free submissives; The Mask of Submission. love and/or 'a connection' is the foundational (not earned, how is that connection established?). Submission by percentage; 'back-door dominance', 'suspension of reality', those who define themselves with fetishes, the playground, the 'tie me up and do things to me' crowd, toys, bottoms, bedroom submissives, kinksters, attention whores, pollyanna's, princesses, spankos, brats, switches, role-players, gifting, etc., etc., etc. Like minded, partnerships, contracts and the exercise of equal rights.  This is an exercise of gynocentrism, pride, immaturity and/or lack of dedication. The female (the 'submissive') holds the 'trump card' and is ultimately in charge. There is a wide berth of conduct. Females in this category are in it for fun, to give themselves the emotions they desire, they make a decision to exercise being 'submissive' for only a certain amount of time. Training for this category is 'Toy training'. (dating, submission is a chosen activity (a past-time) - not a Ideology or 'way of life')


   - D5, is definition of the beginning of submission as state of being. On the fence. "I want to but....". This can be a fine line of existence and is the most emotionally torturous of the three category's. You go to the lower bracket because it's easier, you are always disappointed and always will be. You are still free and that is the problem. You need to decide what kind of training (which culture) to belong to.


   - D6-D9, are definitions of (owned submissives) Slaves; The Heart of Submission. Ideology is foundational. Patriarchal, non-gynocentric. An active and ongoing life study of submission and femininity. Acquisition to ownership for denial and/or removal of feminism. A life of service as property - not dating. The understanding that love is not a requirement (it's a gift, or earned, 'icing on the cake'). The understanding that fulfillment is not an emotion, it's state of being. The females goal of fulfillment as property (the cake) is the requirement. Females in this category are at a state of being (acceptance with nature/God), they are much more in-touch (spiritually, maturity, understanding) with who (feminine being) and what (feminine body) they are. There is structure - a narrow code of conduct. Training for this category is 'Slave training'. (submission is a core belief, a Ideology)


   ... you as a submissive can not accurately define yourself, it can not be done quickly and it has to be done by a male Trainer. You may present a self assessment as a reference in your information/presentation.


   -If your a D5 or higher you should seriously be considering being Gorean, Old Guard or S&M. Gorean being the most readily available and natural, after that would be Old Guard. All have structure you need, but have very different ways (beliefs/cultures) of expressing the the state(s) of being of the power shift. Sadomasochism is BDSM's core, it is cultural in only a few of its higher order factions. Old Guard (military based), is strictly a device of control. Transitioning from Old Guard to Gorean would be very natural. Though Gor is a culture (Law of Nature/God), it gets 'lumped-in' with BDSM for sake of the 'power-shift', it is not BDSM. Goreans are not Fetishist or Sadist. Also, I have talked to some Goth subs, and Goth may fit here from what little I know of it.


   -Conversely Dominants, the capabilities of Dominants do tend to fall into a smiler guide. Consisting of two categories (or brackets).

  -If a Dominant is only capable of handling D1-D4 (lower bracket), he will not be capable of handling a D5 or higher, and will become abusive to try to make-up for his lack of dominance. Also posers known as 'key-board Dominants' fall into this bracket


   -On the other hand, Dominants that would be in the higher bracket, usually have little to no tolerance for the D1-D4 female for her lack of understanding, maturity and dedication. These Dominants should be in the 40+ age bracket, it takes maturity and temperament to own another human being.  Again, beware of posers.


Polygamy  - where a man has multiple wives and/or concubines. (a Harem)


I will not be apart of your 'dog and pony show' of "Dominants" vying for you.


of your own volition...

you will surrender and kneel to me

This profile is the Gate Keeper.

Down to Business

...... again, you are gynocentric and feminist until you prove to me your not,

the responsibility of proof is yours,

step-up and be recognized

-YOU will submit MY WAY - not yours, You will live the life I chose for you to live, if 'your way' happens to fit in or if you can make it fit, so be it.

-YOU will have no rights over me.

-YOU will submit to training.

-YOU will not (as a rule) have sexual contact with other females.

-YOU are responsible (at this point) for reading and understanding the information contained here, got a question - go to step 1.

-My household is "some place to belong to", "a cocoon", "safe harbor" from the feminist society.

-A solid foundation of straight forward clear communication is required. That means no sugar coating to 'baby' you and I'm not going to be your enabler.

-I have a very structured process (required vetting is approx 4-6 mo) for communication and the progress of females.

-Liars don't last long here.

-Liberals, don't either.

-Females are responsible for proving their (potential) value.

-Females are responsible for their progress and enthusiasm or lack there of. I do not consider this pursuing, you should want to prove your worth and desire, as if you where qualifying for a school of education or training. This is also considered to be part of your presentation. I am the one who decides whether your a good candidate or not.

Your transportation to me.

You borrow it or raise it on your own.

After you come here and have stayed for one month.

I will will pay-off any money you've borrowed up to $300.



with the successful completion of the vetting process an 'Acquisition date' will be chosen. Of your own volition you will surrender to me: you will relocate, be marked and collared, at which time training will begin. This is no game, I offer something that is real (life changing), solid, lasting and meaningful, isn't that what you want? If you don't want to put this kind of time and effort in to having an opportunity like this - then now is the time to find something or someone with a lower bar.

 -If you require a man to pursue you, or to contact you first (this proves that you are gynocentric) - your looking for a boyfriend, that's not me. A feminist female wants/demands a 'boyfriend' who accepts her power over him, his pursuit of her is an enabler to her power over him. Also, 'attention whores' use this as a way to be enabled.

 -If you are interested in my household, I will not pursue you, the next step is up to you. That said , I do expect good communication.

  -I may inquire if you liked my profile.

  -If we have an ongoing conversation with email and you do not get a reply back within a couple days, I will inquire.

  -If you receive my packet, I will inquire if you do not get a reply back within a couple days. 

Far too many will silently 'walk away' not saying anything leaving the other person to 'figure it out' (feminism, back-door dominance, bad manners, just being disrespectful, ghosting) - your actions do define you.

Do you want change your life? If you do not have the motivation and desire to apply here, you don't have the motivation and desire for the any training that will change your core life.

Do you want to belong to a culture that believes what you do? man like me? even 'Grasshopper' had to prove he was worthy of training.

 To get onto a personal level with me the following are the required first steps, you will not be taken seriously until you do. You will prove to me that you can follow instructions and that you're respectful, and that you are who you say you are.

1st. Introduce yourself, A photo of your face with your eyes in plain sight is required, along with your first name. (a photo of you with a cock in your mouth looking into the camera does not count, your profile photo does not count) I will accept them in a email. A full body 'presentation' photo is also encouraged. This is the first chance you have to prove to me 'you are, who you say you are', that you are a adult and that you are indeed a female, so if your not willing to follow my instructions...don't bother.


2nd. I have a information packet (several pages) about me available for the asking. The information packet comes with no obligation and is available to all submissive females.

3rd. Phone conversationI do not 'chat', If you are not willing to talk to me as an adult in a phone conversation don't bother! If you believe me to be that dangerous, why would you want to contact me in the first place?

 if you have read this far and you understand why this is written the way it is, and understanding that this is just scratching the surface, - then in this Dominants judgement you are of a serious natured Submissive (D5 or higher). The next step is yours. (step 1)


be well...




Journal Entries:
4/19/2017 6:10:10 AM
Question: Sir, are you or Gor  MGTOW? Ans: I guess it would depend on your viewpoint, but I am not nor is Gor. But what I am is, a man who will not tolerate or have anything to do with feminist, or females who are Geocentric, I know I'm better off with out them. So, can Gor have MGTOW in it? Yes. Is MGTOW Gor? Absolutely Not.

4/19/2017 1:24:56 AM
It continues, I just read an article on the O&P wiki website about Gor, what a bunch of crap. It is obviously written by the BDSM. The site used to be governed by 'The Tanos Project'. The Project was non-aligned with any one faction of the 'power shift' community. The Tanos Project has ceases to exist, and it would seem that BDSM has taken over some of the aspects of The Project, These include the registry, wiki and symbol library. BDSM has changed traditional stance of neutrality of what is left of The Project. This is very disappointing, the D/S community lost a wonderful and valuable international asset in 'The Project', not to mention Tanos himself, who traveled internationally speaking to organizations and government officials  as an advocate and representative of the D/S culture.   For the record BDSM hates Gor, and is not shy about lying, twisting words and meanings to get you to follow them instead of Gor, for the most part they win. The rivalry continues.

4/18/2017 8:06:08 AM
Question: Sir do you have Sadist tendencies? A: Oh Yeah! I don't deny it - I accept it. They are a natural thing in males, but I won't let it pervert me. It is a small part in the male make-up.  (In females this would true with masochism.) And if a female stirs that in me, it comes in the form of extreme punishment, "slave, you will reap what you sow in your Master". The core beliefs and definition of this is obviously drastically different between Gor and BDSM.

4/18/2017 2:40:53 AM
Fulfillment is not an emotion, it is state of being. Serving your emotions is folly, it will not bring about a state of fulfillment you claim to want and need.

4/15/2017 12:40:03 PM
I found precious snow flakes on here!!!! They invited people to give their opinion on 'their topic' - I gave mine, and they didn't like it. Now their calling me names!, making fun of me! and threating me! Owh mercy be upon me, what will I do? :)

Does anybody know a 'snowflake song' I would be very interested.

jenn: "now Sir, did you invade their 'safe space'"

kelly: "you know they can't handle dissenting opinions"

kelly: OMG, did you read this shit! and 'youwillsubmitTD' 's profile?!!! He talks like 'big bad Dom" in his profile, then in the email he sent Sir, he's like a 'butt-hurt' 13 year old on the the playground. owe and he's a tiger. FAKE DOM! LMAO! so hard I'm crying.

kelly: 152 to 1, lol Sir you're my One, ebrybody he's my One!!

jenn: I bet she's never responsible for anything, they want enablers. Did you notice they all called you 'moron' and 'fool'? I bet the 'youwillsubmit' profile is actually the female. None of then have pictures of themselves.

lauren: you're my One too Sir, you are such an 'abuser' i love it when you abuse me, i ache for days.

kelly: yeah, you are an 'attacker' Sir, a pussy attacker.

kelly: jenn, your saying Big Bad Dom's got a pussy? ...wait for it,,,LMAO!!!!

lauren: she say's she's got 17 years of experience being a slave. i've been a slave for 12 and i know you don't make a Master promise you anything as a condition, your just asking for it. i learned that my first year. i think she had a real man and she didn't know it until now, or she's an idiot. these are the kind of females that give our culture a bad reputation. Now she's probably got the cops on this poor guy, no wonder he's scared.

kelly: The one, his my One!!!! lmao omg, i'm crying again.

kelly: lauren, she also has read all of the books and thinks it's all just fantasy, but she read them all, All 30 OF THEM. hmm, 30 last time I checked.

donna: he should have vetted her more.

donna: he threating you like that over the Internet and across state lines is a federal offense Sir, you could call the FBI. the website would have records of the profiles and all the emails.

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