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Someone Who'll Watch Over Me. I am drawn to the irreversible. Nothing is more alluring, ero
Female Submissive, 37,  Pennsylvania US

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Someone Who'll Watch Over Me.

I am drawn to the irreversible. Nothing is more alluring, erotic, dangerous. Senses are piqued, surrender so sweet. What is done stays done.

Until then, freedom to choose is mine. So, I must kiss a lot of "toads" before I find my Prince (or Princess). Thereafter, whom or what I "kiss" is his or her decision.

Of Irish descent with a dollop of Spanish Armada. College educated.




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5/24/2017 11:16:30 AM
Duty, Honor, Sacrifice, Accomplishment

On Memorial Day (5/29) we remember and honor all Americans who served in the military and made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of freedom, family, America and her allies. This Memorial Day, I am also mindful of the paternal line of able-bodied Trumps who never served and the in-laws who never served. They are Donald Trump grandfather, Frederick, father, Fred, Donald himself, son, Donald, Jr. and son, Eric. They are father-in-law, Charles Kushner and son-in-law, Jared Kushner. These "I built that!" poseurs owe their lives and fortunes to the American heroes we honor this day. Blessings on all families who have suffered the loss of a loved one in the service of this great country.

5/23/2017 4:58:44 AM
The Noose Tightens Around "The Americans" in The White House

Kremlingate...Kremlingate...Kremlingate...Kremlingate...Kremlingate. As with Watergate, it is time for Republicans to put country before party.

5/20/2017 4:25:27 AM
Question of the Week --

If computer-speak geeks have difficulty handling apostrophes ('s), then how are they gonna plug security holes? 

5/7/2017 4:49:13 AM
Monuments of Slavery, Disunion, Andersonville and Assassination

In July 1776 American colonials at the Bowling Green in New York pulled down a statue of King George III and melted the lead into bullets to be fired at the British. Were that today the statues being removed in New Orleans could be melted into bullets and aimed at the KKK. Instead, they are to be afforded the respect of a museum resting place. This is a sad day for garden-gnome U.S. Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. His namesakes, Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Confederate General Beauregard, are among the statuary being removed from their pedestals. Ironically, those doing the removal have had to cover their faces so that latter-day Confederates do not find out who they are and burn crosses on their lawns. Haters gotta hate but freedom marches on.

5/2/2017 5:25:20 AM
Move Over Robin Hood...There's a New Sheriff in Town

Take from the needy (Medicaid) and give to the greedy (tax cuts) ---

Trumpcare..."The Greatest Healthcare of All Time"!

Making America Hate Again

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