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Someone Who'll Watch Over Me. I am drawn to the irreversible. Nothing is more alluring, ero
Female Submissive, 37,  Pennsylvania US

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Someone Who'll Watch Over Me.

I am drawn to the irreversible. Nothing is more alluring, erotic, dangerous. Senses are piqued, surrender so sweet. What is done stays done.

Until then, freedom to choose is mine. So, I must kiss a lot of "toads" before I find my Prince (or Princess). Thereafter, whom or what I "kiss" is his or her decision.

Of Irish descent with a dollop of Spanish Armada. College educated.




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12/30/2016 3:46:17 AM
The First Thing We Do Is Kill All The Watchdogs

The first act by the Republican-controlled 115th U.S. Congress was to eliminate the independent Ethics Committee. (To be replaced by a "complaint" department.) Let the fleecing begin!
Update: Repugnants reverse decision to scrap Ethics Council. Ethics to stay for now.

12/25/2016 11:42:17 AM
Two States Forward and One Back

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nittyyahoo, land-grabber extraordinaire and politically to the right of Genghis Khan, has told U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to butt out of "Israeli affairs." On the other hand, as they say in Fiddler on the Roof, he gladly accepts the $38 billion welfare check from the U.S. Never mind that earlier Benny went around the U.S. president to butt into "U.S. affairs" before Congress. Never mind that the illegal settlements on the West Bank continue unabated. Perhaps the incoming president, Donald Trump, who is going to peddle "insurance protection" to NATO members, ought to insist on a "pound of flesh" from his Jewish-state ally.

12/21/2016 2:54:41 PM
Electoral College Favors Republicans

There have been only four presidential elections in U.S. history where the candidate who lost the popular vote won the majority of electoral votes. In every case, a Republican was declared the winner: 1876 Rutherford B. Hayes (R) over Samuel J. Tilden (D); 1888 Benjamin Harrison (R) over Grover Cleveland (D); 2000 George W. Bush (R) over Al Gore (D); and, 2016 Donald Trump (R) over Hillary Clinton (D). What we have here is tyranny of the minority (Republicans) over the majority (Democrats).

12/19/2016 5:03:23 AM
Largest Winning Margin Ever by a Losing Presidential Candidate

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 48% to 46% over Donald Trump. Two million, nine-hundred thousand more votes were cast for Clinton than for Trump. We can talk all we want about a representative democracy and the Electoral College but, should this persist, it will destroy confidence in our political system.

12/11/2016 8:03:47 AM
Person of the Year: Kremlin's Donald Trump

The U.S. president-elect actually encouraged Russia to hack the Democrats. It is a moment that will live in infamy. And now joining the commies, like the cockroaches they are, Nazis and Confederates are coming out of the woodwork. This brings to mind the greatest First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. She fought against racism, bigotry and social injustice. She fought for the Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany. She opposed the internment camps for Japanese-Americans. She fought for labor. She fought Southern lawmakers adamantly opposed to anti-lynching legislation. There is a story of an African-American soldier eating an ice-cream cone in a segregated canteen. Suddenly he finds himself confronted by Mrs. Roosevelt, in the midst of a grinding 25,000-mile tour of wartime outposts in the Pacific. "May I have some of that ice cream?" she asks. After helping herself to a big bite, she returns the cone to its rightful owner. "You see," she tells him with a grin, "that didn't hurt at all, did it?" God bless her. Eleanor made America great, not Trump.

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