- The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

DS/MS is the only religion ever formed by God on Earth Evolved from this religion is DS/MS
Male Dominant, 40,  Dehradun, India

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DS/MS is the only religion ever formed by God on Earth

Evolved from this religion is DS/MS lifestyle. Anyone who wishes to learn and live this religion & lifestyle in its core absolute sense, is free to write to the Teacher

(This religion & lifestyle do not abolish any practices but ascertain that you remain Dominant over all your bad habits addictions vices and all forms of negativity)

Worldwide Observation! (including India)

Submission Slavery Dominance and Mastery mean to this race - "Genitals + Sex + Money = Pleasures", which in one word is the definition of Lord of Demons: Venus!

All Self Proclaimed Earthwide Wise, Intellectuals and Knowledge-able don't even know this utter, elementary one word truth, and this is the state one reaches when the Lord of existence becomes "People" outside the body, and "Body and Mind" inside the body.

This human race is truly in a pitiable and hilarious state of both wisdom & knowledge that is going to cause their own devastation, as felt everyday around!

Truth for All Subs & Slaves Worldwide

Human Race was born as slave by definition. This slave within us divided between two Lords within and outside our existence:

* Lord 1: Body & Mind as the Lord within and People as the Lord outside Self. 99.9 percent Human Race belongs to this category, and hence they're human faces that talk appear and behave like humans but have zero humanity zero emotions zero sensitivity for anyone. Their lord of existence is Selfishness that compels their own endlessly starving genitals to find Masters who're slave to their own endlessly starving genitals, hence Masters of the same category: Selfishness, because these Masters have same lords within & outside their existence. Such 99.9 percent gamut of subs slaves doms & masters only contribute to destruction within, outside, and everywhere.


* Lord 2: Heart & Soul as Lord within and the Creator and Preserver of Cosmos, the God himself as Lord outside Self. Such 0.1 percentage of subs & slaves are human beings, because they feel realize and contribute towards bettering not towards pleasures. Such subs & slaves nurture others, and the definition of others extends beyond human race to em because their Lord isn't "People". These subs & slaves seek the True Masters who have better heart & soul so that they can be taught and bettered.

Present State of Subs/Slaves/Doms/Masters Worldwide

Self Proclaimed Subs & Slaves are learning DS & MS Lifestyles from Self Proclaimed Doms & Masters. Only the use, misuse and abuse of Body is being taught and learned! None of the subs/slaves even know to respond a message that says Hi/Hello with a Hello/Hi, or to talk politely/humbly! So, the language training is not taught, manners are not taught, behavior is not taught, apologizing on mistakes is not taught, entire mind is neither trained nor taught, leave aside training the heart & soul yet both subs/slaves and doms/masters claim they're devoting their their Body Mind Heart & Soul!

Simplest Question on Earth to all these Subs/Slaves/Doms & Masters

Can a carpenter teach how to repair tire flat? Can a mechanic teach how to repair home electrics? Can a tailor teach how to cook? Can a Math expert teach Biology? Can a Chemistry professor teach Economics? How are these Doms & Masters teaching you when they've never served one human on this planet for "one moment" their entire life?! And the stuff they teach, what is there to teach about it - even an insect/cat/dog/animal already knows it by virtue of its creation by nature!


About The Teacher

Seeks a Lifetime/Longterm Relationship with one sub/slave that's a pinnacle of submission from heart & soul in his/her depth & existence, however young or old by body age. In the search of this, have encountered only pinnacles of ego selfishness genital gender or nation pride, racists haters/psychos/frustrated ones and discriminators.


What is such a dominant man doing on a site like this?

Actually, he's on the right site while others are on the wrong, because submission & dominance isn't about genitals or body or mind, but what your soul gave birth to you as. The moment this soul steps a foot thumb out of your body, body mind and heart shall be dead on the spot.


In short, the true definition is:

A true Dominant protects, a trueSub nurtures -


And this definition above clearly makes Dom & Sub what? Dom as Protector - a Father, Sub as Nurturer a Mother! Now look at all the Mothers and Fathers of this Race on this Site and Planet....... Mothers with their breasts and genitals out seeking Pimps Rapes Whoring Gangbangs and eating Human Excretion! Fathers with their penises out seeking to become Pimps Rapists Torturers Abusers. So what does the definition above say?! And this is known as Hypocrisy and Manipulation to your own self that this race is doing worldwide, every country. Human should have fun it is not denied, but same can be equally accomplished without hypocrisy and manipulation and keeping the morals values and definitions intact!

I being the oldest soul on Earth at present, seek a very old soul for myself because by definition, every old soul is a slave craving to serve to better -


Taught pagans shamans witches mothers of this race from across religions and races like: Romania, Mississippi, New Orleans, Florida, UK, Europe, Mexico, Africa, Australia, Pakistan, Capital of India and South India.

Everybody's Lord, as observed was: PEOPLE, proving the 99.9 percent score for human race. Every single one of em was hungry/starving and discontent, and their purpose of Life was to "Prove"! To whom? Again People! Hence, born slaves!


Pic 2 in this profile reveals the power of right lord within and outside one's body. It "shows" how billions of human faces across this planet (99.9 percent as you read) are mentally & physically addicted to a process thinking they're doing it, not knowing that they're acting like dummies and their entire sexual craving/thoughts/attraction/addiction is being controlled from somewhere & somebody else! This is from where - DS & MS Lifestyles descend!


Jesus foretold he would be reborn, and this race wants to evaluate him again using same parameters, only to later shed tears watching what they did in a Movie -

Journal Entries:
4/22/2017 10:08:46 AM
My Foes are not Indians, Asians, Americans, Africans, Australians or Europeans.

My Only Foe is Insensitivity, Ego, Selfishness, Impatience, Impoliteness, Disrespect, Excessive Mind AND HENCE Scarcity of Emotions and Empathy = ZERO Humanity

Many have asked me what do i seek, that makes me embed it in my profile as Journal:

I seek a lifetime, or long term relationship with a natural submissive or natural slave who wishes to join me either remotely or physically at my place for a cause that's devoted to humanity, nobility and welfare of the planet. In a nutshell, a sub/slave who wishes to make good use of her natural gift of submission.
If this sub/slave can join me physically shall be the best, however, even remotely things can work out if the sub is a devoted one with sincerity, honesty and loyalty towards her owner/master.

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