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Welcome to my splendid adventure :) I am NOT a professional Mistress. I do not offer any serv
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Welcome to my splendid adventure :)

I am NOT a professional Mistress. I do not offer any services, males serve me.

I am into mental domination. The mind is more powerful than the body. I don't care about traditional BDSM or your pathetic body.

Serving me is about ME, it’s not about you.

Yes I have a wishlist and I like gifts from my subs and slaves, it shows their commitment and appreciation and devotion. This is not findom, it's just a male being polite and courteous and a gentleman. This is important to me and it is non negotiable, if you cannot do this then do not bother contacting me.

Serving me does not involve sexual things. I prefer talking to MY SUBS about everyday things. I love Star Wars & Star Trek, The Walking Dead etc, anything to do with sci fi as you can see from my outfits. I'm also into computers and gadgets as well although I'm not much into gaming. I like getting to know my subs and I expect to still know them in 10 years time.

Subs will address me as Miss, Mistress or Goddess.

Occasionally I might give my subs tasks that are useful to me, like assisting with my world domination.
Sometimes I install an app on their phones so I can track them 24/7.

My pet peeve is selfish males, so if you think you can message me about your fetishes and fantasies think again!

I am also on:

I no longer meet due to many selfish timewasters. I have met around 20 people from Collarspace and other fetish sites, I far prefer online interactions, I find it fascinating to speak to people from all over the world.

Journal Entries:
3/19/2017 3:24:07 AM

A large number of males seem to think that doing degrading things on webcam is useful to me.

I can have any male I want in real life, why would I want to see you doing vile things to your pathetic bodies on skype?

I am not you a female version of you, I do not think in the same way a male does. Use your brains!

3/18/2017 3:11:44 AM
In my opinion a true sub / slave will want to do anything he can to make his Mistress happy, if it costs him money it is irrelevant, if it costs him time it is irrelevant, if it costs him effort it is irrelevant, they are all the same thing. 

3/17/2017 9:19:32 AM
21st March 2017

3/16/2017 9:40:14 AM

My ideal sub or slave
When I was 17 I met a much older male through some voluntary work I was doing at the time. He seemed a nice man, we kept in contact and met a few times through the job. Eventually he told me he would like to help me in any way he could, he was older and he had no kids or wife, he said when he was younger he used to always run errands for his sister and her friends and he really enjoyed just doing things for superior women. He used to drive them any places they needed to go, and go shopping for them etc. He said he missed being useful as his sister now had a husband and kids.

I didn’t have a printer at the time so he used to print job applications etc for me, he used to give me lifts to job interviews, do proof reading, small but useful things. He used to buy me some nice gifts as well, he said he had no one else to spend his money on.

He was always a complete gentleman in my presence and there were no sexual motives for his actions, he just loved to serve women and be useful. It has always felt entirely natural to me to make use of a male in this way.

I don’t have much practical use for him these days, apart from an occasional lift, but he is still a good friend and confidante and we exchange messages most days.

When I think about it I have always had males like this wanting to “serve me”, uncles buying gifts, cousins and boys at school offering to do my homework. All that is needed is a smile to melt them, no need to dominate them in the traditional sense.

These are the kind of practical slaves and servants I like, people who actually want to be useful, not selfish so called subs who want to use me for their sexual fantasies and fetishes.

I don’t need to shout orders or punish people, they serve me because they instinctively know I am their superior and it is their place in life.

3/16/2017 9:05:45 AM

The story of little-dom
On friday little dom reached 365 continuous days in chastity. He learned early on that his tiny penis is irrelevant, he learned that it’s best to lock it away and forget about it and not to bother women with it. He learned that the needs of his Mistress are more important than his own.

Instead he has entertained me with updates of his ongoing house renovation and his frequent visits to ikea, a much more worthwhile endeavour to put his efforts into :) I see him as the “james may” of fetlife, he can fix anything!

Once I caged him, he posted some photos celebrating me, and my ownership. On one photo I like the little red "tattoo" in a heart he displays in full view on his skin.

And on another he is proud and naked astride his motor bike, his tiny useless little penis clearly locked away. (He's called little-dom for a reason!)

He has never complained about being in chastity, he has hardly mentioned it, he has just quietly got on with his life. He writes occasional respectful blogs giving updates on his progress as my caged boy. Little dom sets a fine example to new boys who wish to serve me in this way.

I haven’t decided what reward I will send him yet...

He made a cake thanking me for locking him for 365 days, a lovely gesture :)

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