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Welcome to my splendid adventure! :) Firstly I am not a professional Mistress. I am not off
Female Dominant, 23,  Oxford, UK

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Welcome to my splendid adventure! :)

Firstly I am not a professional Mistress. I am not offering any kind of service, males serve me. 

I read every message, if I don't reply then you haven't impressed me.

I want online subs and slaves whose only mission in life is to devote themselves to my happiness, worship me and show their devotion. I like gifts from my subs and slaves, it shows their commitment and appreciation and devotion. I don't think this is findom, it's just a male being polite and courteous. Without this I feel they are just takers.

Serving me is nothing to do with sex or webcams, strapons or whips. I prefer talking to MY SUBS about everyday things. I love Star Wars & Star Trek, The Walking Dead etc, anything to do with sci fi as you can see from my outfits. I'm also into computers and gadgets as well although I'm not into gaming.

My domination and control is very subtle, but my subs always know who is in charge. Subs will address me as Miss, Mistress or Goddess. A sub will never want to disappoint me or anger me, this will result in them being blocked for a week, month or year.

Sometimes I might give my subs tasks that are useful to me.
Sometimes I install an app on their phones so I can track them 24/7.
My pet peeve is selfish males, so if you think you can message me about your fetishes and fantasies think again!

I'm 23. I have a normal life & a normal job. I have a degree from one of the top 3 universities in the world. I look tall in my photos but I am actually 5'3 without heels. My photos & videos are taken at home on my iPhone, They are not modelling photos in a studio, I just have a tidy house! I like to be a perfectionist in everything I do.

Some clips and verification videos of me...
I am also on Twitter: @Mistress__Lucy
and fetlife: L-u-c-y

I no longer meet due to many timewasters. I have met around 20 people from Collarspace and other fetish sites, I far prefer online interactions, I find it fascinating to speak to people from all over the world.

Journal Entries:
1/13/2017 7:56:10 AM
How to send a nice first message

I received this message yesterday and thought I would share it. It arrived at a good time as I have been struggling with the selfishness of males lately. Other males take note!

I have bought you a small gift card from your Amazon wishlist as a thank you for all of your content from here and on FetLife, YouTube, Twitter and xhamster.

I've been following your content for a little while and I cannot overstate how refreshing it is to see something different on these sites. I cannot but admire your brilliant costume photos and your regular new videos. I love reading your updates on FetLife as they come across as genuine and thoughtful and not just filled with lots of key fetish words to get people excited. But importantly they are stimulating and thought provoking and often cause me to question myself and my motivations.

Since I've been following your content I've grown to look up to you and would love to discuss whether I may be able to serve you. I have read your profile so I understand that serving you is not related to webcams, sex etc.

I hope my message has not breached any protocol, I used the title 'Miss' as I thought that seemed most appropriate for a first message and not intended to be disrespectful.
I would like to stress that the gift card is a gesture of thanks for all of the hard work you put into your content and hopefully will be a reminder that despite all the selfish ones on these sites there are many who really do appreciate and (respectfully) adore your content.

1/13/2017 5:26:41 AM

A question for straight males

If you suddenly had 100 or 1000 males wanting to serve you and please you what would you do?

Would you have them clean your house or your car? Would you set up a business where they all work for free for you? They want to make you happy of course so they won’t mind.

What use is a male wanting to kiss and lick your feet and shoes?
What use is a male wanting to humiliate himself “for you”?
What use is a male wanting to masturbate on webcam “for you”?
What use is a male wanting to dress up as a sissy slut “for you”?
What use is a male wanting to be tied up in a dungeon “for you”?

Obviously you wouldn’t want anything sexual from them, I don’t either.

Why don’t I want anything sexual from them? Why would I? I’m a Goddess not a slut. Just because I am on this site does not mean I am a nymphomaniac, I would rather look at a computer than a cock.

Your job is to worship me, not use me for your fetishes.

I don’t want any roleplay action, you either devote yourself to me or you don’t.

If someone truly wanted to serve me they would forget all their selfish fantasies and fetishes and concentrate on my happiness, whatever that may be. You claim you want to serve me, so serve ME not yourself.

1/13/2017 2:13:41 AM
Manners maketh man
Yes, any sub or slave of mine has to spoil me with gifts, why wouldn't they? A female sub or slave would spoil their master with sex or oral sex, but I don't want anything sexual from my boys, I'm not a slut and they are not worthy to touch me. They are here to make my life easier, not more difficult. Vanilla males spoil women they are lucky enough to know, but for a submissive male to do it it's referred to as findom. I don't know why. To me it's just being a gentleman.

1/12/2017 3:04:51 PM
Knighting a bear - remix!

1/12/2017 2:04:43 AM
I have been on this site and others for 3 years, I have been lied to by more males than you've had hot dinners. 1000's of males have tried to use me to get the fix of their fetish. I have uploaded photos, videos and blogs every day for 3 years to various fetish sites. I have 26,000 followers on fetlife, 16,000 followers on twitter, around 100 videos on youtube, blogs from people who met me (when I used to meet, before selfish males ruined it). There is not one bad word about me anywhere on the internet, and still poor little scared males are cautious.

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