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12/20/2017 1:27:32 PM

My Christmas wishlist is here:  
Remember boys, sending a gift is not findom :)


12/20/2017 12:26:07 PM
The Queens Christmas speech

12/20/2017 4:15:59 AM
The shroud of the dark side has fallen... the rise of female supremacy has begun

12/18/2017 7:55:48 AM

Goddess Lucy and the last stand of the alpha males

Goddess Lucy sat in her command chair, her cruiser 'The Pankhurst' was travelling 35,000 feet over the Pacific ocean. It was a one of a kind ship, the most advanced ever developed. Since Goddess and her followers had assumed control of most of the nations of the world, the world's top scientists had were united for the greater good of human advancement. Under man's rule, scientists had been spending most of their time and resources building weapons or formulating the latest shampoo, or at least that's where the funding went. Now the vast majority spent their time solving real issues like food security and access to clean water.

'The Pankhurst' was a ship like no other and was the first step in helping the Femocracy grow beyond one planet. For now, Goddess Lucy used it as her main transport, allowing her to drop in on her subjects anywhere in the world in a matter of hours. It had been essential in helping her quell the unrest stirred by the uncaged Alpha's, Troglodytes who refused to accept humanities new future.

99% of men had submitted, they were treated fairly in society once they had been caged and assigned an owner. Unlike the man's world, Goddess Lucy didn't believe in wasting potential just because someone was born with different genitals. She nurtured the best talent and through her control helped them have more focus and purpose than the old order could ever have offered. Most preferred this new dynamic and embraced a life of honour and worship.

Peace was the new rule, except for a few remaining hot spots. Goddess had convinced the majority of the world to submit voluntarily and refused to take up arms against the last few macho outposts. She was heading to Hawaii; it had become the main hub for anti-Goddess forces. Through means of propaganda, General Owens their leader had convinced his followers Goddess was a murderous tyrant. Their resistance had become fanatical, and reports of them subjugating the women who lived among them were becoming too much for Goddess to bare.

Goddess sighed in her seat, she knew her strategy was high risk, but she would not cause bloodshed.

"Goddess are you sure this is wise, you want to talk peace, but they want to lynch you. Scanners show a huge crowd amassed around the leaders main compound. You'll be in the hornet's nest." Jane her pilot cautioned.

"For this, to work, the people need to know the truth, how close are we?"

"5 minutes til we reach the drop zone."

Goddess clicked her fingers, two smartly dressed men rushed to her feet without a moment of hesitation. They stared at the ground, knowing that only the most worthy would even get to glimpse her eyes directly. Maybe 15 years of service would earn them that privilege, perhaps they would never achieve it, but it didn't stop them dreaming.

She pointed at the black tactical suit in the storage pod next to her; it was her insurance in case anything went wrong. The men rushed to assist her to suit up, checking the suit's subsystems and supply levels. This baby was designed at the request of Goddess and allowed her superhuman strength and endurance amongst a vast list of other tricks.

To the uneducated, it looked like a shiny black catsuit with armour plating and a dark purple utility belt. The high collar protected Goddess's neck from behind, and her spiked heeled boots were heavy augmented with hidden tech that she'd been desperate to try out.
Goddess admired her creation in the mirror. She gestured for the men to make themselves vanish, and walked over to the drone pad as they scrambled back into their pods.

"1 minute til drop Goddess."

Goddess locked her boots into the drone pads magnetic locks, although she was pragmatic, she knew a moment of theatre would help her arrival. The holo display flashed up before her face, it gave her enhanced perception but was one way and only visible tot he suit's wearer.

"30 seconds. We are at 500 feet."

Goddess took a deep breath, she thought about the challenges she had overcome during her journey, the rolls of the dice she'd made and the benevolent new order she had established from the ashes of inequality and suffering. There was no turning back.

The light flashed green, Goddess's drone pad plummeted out of the bridge into the unknown below. Her eyes adjusted to the brighter daylight, the thrusters kicked in as it stabilised and slowed her descent to a stop. GPS told her that the crowd was just over the ridge, roughly a mile away.

"Engage hologram".

The drone pads holo-emitters glowed with light, cloaking Goddess and projecting a 30-foot avatar of her just feet above her head. It's movements, and mannerisms matched Goddess. She glided down towards the action.


General Owens was getting to the last paragraph of his speech; sweat was running down his forehead as his over-animated gestures took their toll.

"This 'girl' thinks we will fall for her like the rest of the sheeple; she thinks she is some kind of Goddess, some kind of special being. Well as soon as she arrives today, all you'll see she is a scared little girl who's fooling no one!"

The crowd cheered loudly as the General waved his arms above his head. He loved the adoration of his followers and revelled in the plot to murder the so-called Goddess Lucy during the peace talks.

Suddenly the crowd was silent. He looked at them baffled, one by one they were murmuring amongst themselves and turning away from him. He scanned the horizon.

"Oh shit".


Goddess's avatar floated over the hill, towering over every tree and building. Goddess smiled to herself as she saw the faces of thousands of people, barely able to comprehend her vision. Light beams streaked from behind her; she was an image of beauty and power.
She drifted over the crowd. As she drew closer, her avatar began to shrink smaller and smaller, until, in a bright flash of light, the real Goddess Lucy stood next to General Owens on stage.

"Sorry I'm a bit early General, but I'm eager to talk peace."

The dumbfounded General had few words to spit out. Goddess shrugged and stepped up to the podium.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I could have sent gunships, I could have sent missiles, but I've come here myself in the name of peace."
Goddess looked up at the sky; The Pankhurst decloaked with is hold doors open. Out fell thousands of small packages strung to parachutes, food, medicine, books, toys. The crowd laughed and cheered as the essentials they'd lacked rained down on them in abundance.

Goddess turned to see a red-faced General.

"Nice try" he gestured his hand in the direction of a rooftop.

The sniper has been lying in wait, at the current range the shot would undoubtedly be fatal. He lined up Goddess's head in the crosshairs, exhaled and fired.

The armour piercing bullet flew at Goddess at 800 miles per hour, cutting through the air and leaving its soundwaves far behind.
The bullet hit Goddess directly in the head.

She looked at the General and raised an eyebrow.

"Nice try, this suit emits a field that deconstructs any projectile it comes into contact with on an atomic level."
The General noticed a cloud of fine dust appear as the sniper took another shot and another. But he was far from done.

"Plan Beta!"

The General's orders made his troops raise their weapons and point them at the crowd.

"Submit to me or all of these people will die."

Without a second thought, Goddess pressed a button on her cuff. The cloaked drone pad above the crowd blew apart into a hundred pieces. The troops ducked confused and blinded.

The crowd below shielded their eyes as each part of the pad became its own smaller drone, forming a swarm of miniature flying units. Goddess smiled as the mass of drones broke up, each heading to its individual allocated male.

Soldiers screamed as insect-like robots landed on them, tearing through clothes and scrambling down to their precious cocks. They fell to their knees crying as the drones tightened around them, shocking them into submission.

The General screamed like a baby as he lost his pride an joy, rolling on the floor as Goddess stood over him looking down with distaste and contempt.

Over the following weeks, the females that were living in Hawaii chose democratically elected leaders, holding a referendum they decided to join Goddess Lucy's alliance. The General was tried as a war criminal and sentenced to spend the rest of his life in a prison run by some of the most hardened and enthusiastic female supremacists.

Goddess Lucy had once again avoided war and created peace, another part of the old order had fallen, but her work was still not done. Her intelligence units had informed her of a violent alpha group who had stolen a nuke from a decommissioning plant in Scotland. She scrambled The Pankhurst and jetted off towards Europe.

12/17/2017 9:33:45 AM
I take everything literally, serving me means serving ME. Slave means slave. Punishment means blocking forever . 

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