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Luscious Domme seeks obedient subject *finsubs only* I receive a lot of messages - do yours
Female Dominant, 30,  Portland, Oregon


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BisexualMale Slave
Age: 48, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm), Weight: 190 lbs.
Location: London, UK
Last on 3/18/18 at 9:26 AM
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BisexualMale Submissive
Age: 41, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm)
Location: cardiff, UK
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StraightMale Slave
Age: 29, Height: 6ft 1in (185 cm), Weight: 175 lbs.
Location: Canada
Last on 3/17/18 at 7:20 PM
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StraightMale Switch
Age: 23, Height: 6ft 1in (185 cm), Weight: 210 lbs.
Location: Alabama
Last on 3/8/18 at 8:47 AM
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StraightMale Submissive
Age: 38, Height: 6ft 1in (185 cm)
Location: Seattle, Washington
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 Dominant Female



 5' 5"

 130 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male

Luscious Domme seeks obedient subject *finsubs only*

I receive a lot of messages - do yourself a favor ...stand out! IMPRESS ME. If your message doesn't indicate something intelligent and that you've thoughtfully READ MY ENTIRE BIO, you will not receive a shred of my time.
I wrote it for a reason: it's the first vetting process (i.e. No I do not want to be your romantic girlfriend).
If you request photos, Kik/Skype names, etc. before textually courting me a bit, you're going straight to the blackhole of the Trash, where you belong.
Thank you:)

True FinKink's need only apply. You know who you are-- if it's the ultimate thrill to be dominated (losing control of ego, body, power) and handing over the $$ that you have soooo strongly attached to that silly ego of yours.... then you're a true-blue(balled), sweet lil Finsub. And yes it's a legitimate BDSM kink, you bastards. If it's not yours, be polite and move on.


Kneel down, my pet. I am your Mistress, your Goddess, your Queen... your Divine Domme.

And you are My submissive, My reverent subject. My pretty slave.

I am polite, genuine, bright, and pleasant -- I know my sacredness and am selective in the company I keep.

I am caring always. Everyone in my life would call me a giant sweetheart and a selfless nurturer. But I have a darker and divinely selfish side, newly exploring my truer natures of power exchange and sensuality. And you're my outlet of teasing, controlled torture. I will be strict and I always demand respect. It is not in my nature to humiliate, but we're here as consenting adults, and if you desire and deserve it, that's what you'll get, pig.

I can be a soft, sensual Venus, or I can unleash the wrath of Kali.
You will learn to respect and worship the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, when you come to my Temple.
I will command your pleasure and your punishment; your life will fold into true, trained, servitude with me.

I want an enlightened creature that desires to bow in his Goddess' graces. Perhaps you've always been a sub with the desire to give of yourself to a powerful woman. Perhaps you are used to getting what you want, used to being in control of your life, your finances, your time, your surroundings. And something else is aching in you.
You need to break open and be used wholly, for one purpose only:
Pleasing Me.


SEEKING: The real deal. I seek long term, regular service from a sub who wants to worship and support my lifestyle and Dominatrix endeavors, and enjoying the process along the way. A budget for kink wear/accessories, toys, dungeon training with a professional Domme, etc.
IMPORTANT: Please do not offer to relocate to me and be my 24/7. This is something I would only potentially be open to after a year or more down the road of regular, consistent servitude (in-person, or a combo of online and in-person).

ONLINE: Every relationship will start this way, no matter what. If you are to enter My good graces, you will commit a tribute early in your exchanges. This weeds you out from the many time wasters and fakes. I do pay attention to how proactive you are with this. When you message, be honest, be real, have manners, and establish rapport. Trust me, pet, if you're unpleasant to speak to, I could care less if you send that eGift card. Impress me first. Talk to me. Tell me your kinks and true desires in this. Once your tribute has been accepted, I will outline the protocols to initiate and begin your Training.
Your Mistress loves denial, teasing, chastity, erotic control, time management, dressing you up, going shopping on your dime, etc. She also loves writing erotically.

IN-PERSON: I will consider an in-person servant (NOT live-in) after an online trial and training period is conducted. Show your worth and obedience. When we "Come to Temple", we will relish in a world and in a dynamic that fulfills our deepest needs for power exchange play. To treat each other exactly as we need to be treated. I am new to exploring this in person, and am interested in a sub who wants to explore the depths with an open, deeply imaginative natural Domme. I have a deep.... deep...fantasty world, my pet. Can you follow instructions?

PHYSICAL: This type of relationship does not equate to intercourse, do not make assumptions. None of what I seek binds me to sharing my flesh with you. As a traditional Domme/Mistress, you will not find release inside my body, but I will inflict actions of kink (sensual and otherwise) upon you, depending on your desires and our arrangement. Many subs would consider it a huge disrespect to penetrate their Mistress, as it's an act of dominance over Her. I love my feet worshipped, (clothed) facesitting, and full body massage-- once you prove you're a good boy.

-Cash, Allowance, gifts, offerings
-Massage, Foot worship
-Song, Dance, Music, being told a story
-Clear communication with genuine, respectful, kind people
-Teasing and Denial
-Orgasm control
-Playing Dress up
-High quality lingerie and fetish-wear
-Exploring my kinks (beginner): strap-on/anal play, domestic slave, CBT, Erotic hypnosis
-Human behavior, psychology, getting inside your mind
-Spa days for me and my friends

Scat- don't ask to be my poop toilet please. The closest you'll get is scrubbing my porcelain throne and taking out my trash. Sure, I'll pee on you if you really need it, but your pockets better be deep, you perv ;)
Age play- I'll call you a little boy, sure, but I will not have you dress in a diaper and endure erotic torment- not my kink.
Blood-play. 'Nuf said.
Illegal activity- animals, children, etc.
Romantic D/s - our playtime is uniquely intimate, but we are not romantic partners.

You may message me, if you believe you're fit to kneel into servitude with The Divine Domme.

Keywords: Domme, domina, dominant, femdom, femme dom, sub, findom, finsub, finslave, cashslave, cashpig, cashpiggy, kink, bdsm, /s, Goddess, Queen, Mistress, serve, worship, slave, pig, cash

Journal Entries:
3/3/2018 10:35:01 PM
Nothing like the thrill of watching that currency come in, knowing you're deliciously begging and bowing on the other side of the world... you know who you are, you filthy creature. Your Goddess is pleased.

3/3/2018 4:05:41 PM
Oooooo all the fake finsubs who build up such nice words and rapport, and then disappear at the moment of financial accountability. Mmmmhmm... you deserve the biggest punishments. You silly creatures pretending that your little fantasy is actually reality, but you're just jerking your insignificant prick and wasting time. Thank goodness for you real finsubs, bless your obedient, nasty little asses. 💋

3/1/2018 11:28:24 AM
Toys are fun.... I just ordered a nice 27" black leather riding crop, to arrive Wednesday. Looking forward to trying it out..... **smiles to my Irish pet**

2/27/2018 7:10:15 PM
It's been a busy day of emails and vetting potential slaves and piggies. Some incredibly fascinating creatures out there, and some downright depraved fools. Things I find attractive: Following directions clearly / Reading my entire profile and messaging me with something relevant to say / Always using "Mistress" or "Goddess" / Asking for my amazon wish list and actually USING it to prove your legitimacy (yes, most of you fools drop off the second you're made to be financially accountable, even after carefully crafted relationship is built... I learned my lesson, no more of this) / Orgasm control/denial/teasing / Chastity / Cuckholding (preference, not requirement) / Anal play on you (requirement, we can work up to it if unfamiliar) / Domestic servitude / Financial submission / Foot worship / Learning new kinks and pushing horizons.

2/27/2018 8:48:15 AM
Greetings, playthings. It's a beautiful late winter Saturday on the west coast. Blue skies, crisp air, warm sun. I'm getting ready to take my dog to the park. You're a little like a dog, too, aren't you? See, while my fantasy world gave me insight to my sensual proclivities, it wasn't until about 2 years ago when I got my dog and learned what it really meant to embrace My Alpha state. And oh... how natural it is. And my my... how natural it is for a true submissive like you to kneel down, hungry for even a kiss of my finely clad foot. Today would be a perfect day to go buy new shoes. What do you think?

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