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ABDL + Pet Play + Confinement + Spanking + Gas Masks + Mummification + Medical Play
Female Submissive, 30,  Alberta, Canada

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Age: 47, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm), Weight: 170 lbs.
Location: Ontario, Canada, Canada
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ABDL + Pet Play + Confinement + Spanking + Gas Masks + Mummification + Medical Play = Rope/Bondage + Domestic Servitude + Gimp + Corsets


Looking to find someone for a long term loving yet strict D/s relationship, either online or in person.


I recently left a long term D/s relationship where I was Her full time baby girl, with the occasional treat of being a house pet. I am hoping for something similar.


And yes, the pictures are me. 

Skype avail

Journal Entries:
1/7/2017 9:52:11 AM
This morning I gave myself two suppositories before heading out shopping. I managed to get to the mall and half way through the first store before I had to mess my diapers. I'm still a bit scared about messing in public so I ducked away a bit but I made sure to finish my shopping (I went to four stores) before going to the bathroom to change my diaper. I have to use the private handicap ones a this mall but it works.

When I was changed into 3 fresh diapers, and into a skirt I put y pacifier in and made my way through the mall to my car. I got lots of stares but not as many as other days so it wasn't too bad.

I had baby food turkey casserole, peas and prune juice for lunch in my high chair. I wish I had someone to feed me but I did pretty good -- it was a good thing I had my bib on though.

Now some play pen and blue clues time.

1/6/2017 11:30:29 AM
This morning I went out and did a bit of shopping. I made sure to wear five diapers, and my shortest skirt. I want to get used to people seeing and knowing and me now being embarrassed. I definetly got quite a few stares. I went to Toys R Us and bought some baby toys, and went to the drug store for more suppositories (I ended up picking some make up too lol, can't resist).

I think the hardest was lunch in the food court. I brought my diaper bag with me because it goes everywhere and I made sure to pack it with bottles and baby food this morning before I left. I drank two bottles, while quite a few people tried not to watch lol.

It seemed like forever but I'm sure it was no longer than usual. I also brought my baby food and some fruit to eat. I wore my bib as well. I didn't have to change my diaper while I was out and about which is good, I'd much rather have someone else do that for me. 

1/3/2017 11:52:28 PM
Of all the stuff on my routine the 3 am feeding is the hardest but now i qake up automatically around that time. Someone said to keep my words small because bimbo baboes dont say ones with more that 2 sounds. Use my brain as little as possible. Hes been trying to teach me skype but im bad at it lol.

1/2/2017 11:42:15 AM
I ran out of wipes and baby food today so this morning I had to go out and pick up a few things. My one friend, who is aware of my goal, agreed to come with me, enabling me slip into bimbo baby mode a bit. She helped me pick out baby food I both like and hate, find wipes and made sure I didn't try to cover my pacifier in public. She let me take it out when I was talking to the cashier, but I had to do it in baby talk, which is getting easier. 

Once she went home, I gave myself two suppositories and had a bottle while watching Sesame Street, I managed to fall asleep before I messed my diapers, but when I woke up I needed a change. I really want a Daddy or a Mommy on days like this. I got cleaned up and am now trying to decide which baby food to have for dinner tonight. 

My one friend invited me out, but sadly its past my bed time and these friends aren't quite aware of my new goal yet...

1/1/2017 12:31:13 PM
I really do want to becomes someones bimbo baby girl so I keep a pretty babygirl lifestyle even though I am on my own. Living alone helps, over the last year -- along with being diapered full time I have slowly cleared out my adult things and replaced them with baby things. 

I wear two diapers to work everyday and usually change myself as soon as I get home and then lay on the floor and watch cartoons and have a bottle. 

All my liquids are from a bottle or sippie cup and most of my food is mashed or even just plain baby food itself. That can make it tricky to go out with friends but I have been trying to limit that too, because well -- babies don't gout much. 

Other than a few outfits for work, my wardrobe is fairly little girlish, I have been trying to wear pig tails or a bow in my hair more often too. 

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