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Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile.   The first thing you need to know
Male Submissive, 32,  Looking to Move, Canada












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Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile.


The first thing you need to know is that I have herpes, so there you go. That is likely the biggest deal breaker for most  of you, but it is something that is beyond my control sadly.


Still reading? Well then let me tell you a bit about myself. I have known I was submissive all of my life, grade two was the first time I started coming into my own, but it was not until I was nineteen that I was first tied down.


I am looking for a lasting relationship with some one who is not afraid to be my superior. An unequal arrangement with a woman who desires control and submission. What shape and design of a relationship is not all that important to me. I could be happy in a strictly none sexual relationship with most of our focus being on service and chores. Or the opposite.


I mostly just want to find a strong willed woman to love, adore and dote upon. I have never really been able to explain it, but my heart belongs on its knees at your feet. I clean, I cook, I listen, I dance, and give amazing massages. So if this at all sounds interesting, you should drop me a line.



Journal Entries:
11/28/2014 6:09:01 AM
Stepping through the door, a quick glance around, followed by a moments hesitation. Silence passes as her eyes adjust to the light. Half expecting some one to appear, she grunts to herself before taking another step in. Removing and hanging her own jacket, then bending to undo her shoes. Stepping in from the entrance, nothing seems out of place. Vacuumed, swept, pillows on the couch. Then going into the kitchen and picking a small card off the table. "Dinner is in the fridge"
It is hard to think when you are hungry, unless you are thinking of food. But once the plate of now cold dinner had settled in the microwave, a pang of excitement nearly erupted in a burst of laughter. Biting her tongue between her grinning lips she slips off down the hallway while the plate turns. Trying to move as quietly as possible, while peeking into the open door. A large wooden box with many hinged lids sit on the floor besides the bed. 
Moving as silently as the creaky floors allow, she moves up to the box and places her head down onto it. Hands shaking with excitement, as voice from inside reaches her ear. The words are muted but still perfectly clear to her ears. She knows this one by heart. Attached to the side of the box, a small MP3 player with the head phones going into the box. The play list has been running for just over an hour. 
Beep, beep, beep, and a more immediate desires take hold. Back in the kitchen, sitting with the plate, she eats and thinks. He would do anything. Even with no sure way to ensure the orders were followed, he was in there now, listening to and responding to her words. Then the excitement snaps, leaving the half finished plate she now quickly moves down the hall. No more attempts to remain silent. 
The first lid snaps open and falls to the floor. It is hinged on both sides of the box and opens from the center. This allows  another piece to be sat on top of it to act like a chair, and makes for a perfect seat to relax on. But by this point she is beyond fussing with toys. The lid is open, her panties dropped, and her beautiful pussy comes to rest on my lips.

11/27/2014 3:58:33 PM
First night in the new place. I am living with a couple. Not like that. They just had a really big house and a few extra rooms. So now I live in one in the middle or rural no where with a couple and some dogs. I am less than a fifteen minutes walk from work, which in all truth is very strange considering how remote this all is. 

I do have the car though, so there is no need to walk. Though I will likely more often than not. Looking forward to getting back to work. and looking forward to not driving to work.

I almost forgot my crop in my closet. I went into my room one last time and remembered the spot around the corner. Close call. My replacement was pretty religious. I doubt some what that he would have understood, if it wasn't for the fact it is hot pink in colour.

11/26/2014 6:24:54 PM
Things are looking up.
So I figured I would write something. Hard to know a thing is worth getting into unless you have at least a little something to go on. It is hard though, words are not me, even if they are my words. With only a limited amount of time to say "hello, how are you" you cannot really expect to full gasp a person. Still I write on.

Got a new car, new place to live, new place to work. Things are going to be tight still for a long while but all things considered everything is looking up.

I have now spoken to a few couples, who for one reason or another things did not work out. I do not think I would make a good beta. It is not really me. I have some rather hard core tastes, but for me, my submission is a gift I give to some one. It is not something I wear on my sleeve, or have tattooed on my ass. And not to say that there cannot be more than one person involved, indeed I am sure there would be. And perhaps tattoos some where. It just needs to fit with all the personalities involved.

but still a lone wolf,
beauty and beast,
hunted and hunter,
soft tongue,
sharp teeth.

tone from this travel
raw from the road
to drink from storm gutters
these are lessons,
I'm told.

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