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First things first:  I'm the boss and you're just a peasant loser who's only purpose in
Female Dominant, 24,  California US

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Straight Female Dominant
Age: 24, Height: 5ft 1in (155 cm)
Location: Los Angeles, California
Last on 1/18/17 at 10:28 AM

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First things first: 

I'm the boss and you're just a peasant loser who's only purpose in life is to fulfill my wants and needs. I am a QUEEN. If the idea of spoiling and worshipping a beautiful, DOMINANT FEMALE turns you on, then come talk to me. I want to own everything. What's your's is now mine and you can have the scraps.  

What I'm looking for: Pay pig/slave, someone who's interested in being humiliated or anyone interested in Black Mail, & foot/nail fetish. Also older men who enjoy spoiling and anyone who's ready to fucking worship me and my BEAUTIFUL SELF >:) Everything in your bank account, every paycheck you get should go to ME. You don't deserve it. I , your QUEEN, am superior and you will do as I say, no questions asked !


* Please do not message me if you're going to waste my fucking time. I don't have the desire or want to open some bullshit message . I know what I want and how do get it . If you're not serious, then fuck off! You're probably not worthy of my time , anyway! *


yes, I'm 100% real and I can verify through SKYPE!! 

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