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If you have final say in your own life, have TIME to focus on potential(s), and have a gentle
Female Slave, 32,  North Carolina


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StraightMale Dominant
Age: 52, Height: 6ft 3in (191 cm)
Location: Camden County , New Jersey
Last on 4/15/18 at 5:54 PM












 Female Slave

 North Carolina

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 3"

 130 lbs



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant Male

If you have final say in your own life, have TIME to focus on potential(s), and have a gentle strict flare about yourself, this sensitive, affectionate, effort giving girl may be interested.
If you want a shy, but strong, youthful, and (if yours) functional and obedient girl to care for your mind as you mold hers, spoil your body as you bruise and seduce hers, and strengthen your soul as you soothe and comfort hers, we may share mutual interest. Do you desire a slave in toe for events, someone not into swinging, but would do it to please you?
I'd love to be clung to, short leashes have been a turn on for me, how about you? I don't do online. Using this website is a starting point to communicating with potential real time partners.
Ideally the type I yearn for enjoys simple things like: giving your girl calls in the morning, hitting the zoo or bookstore, mid day or late night quality time with you, fussing at me for flirting, rubbing my head as I suckle you. Telling me good night even though we're both upset, getting clarity when problems appear, being the master or daddy that INITIATES talking through things or working them. Not vanishing or running away just because things aren't easy. I'm not always going to be easy especially if there's issues with us.
Craving the pursue types, maybe that means primal maybe it doesn't.
The type that if they know I'm interested they don't stop pursuing even after I'm theirs and in return I don't stop trying to please.

Arguing and off and on Dynamics are of no interest to me.
Arguing isn't the same as being lectured or yelled at. if I'm yours I kind of see the need and allure for the latter. If I've described the you, you are right now NOT the one you hope I'll wait for you to become, let's talk. The door is open, but hopefully it'll close at some point for a long conversation lol.

Journal Entries:
4/15/2018 9:44:12 AM
Im laying off eating out so if you wanna help with meal prep choices let me know. Also if i agree to meet you, sex touching etc isn't a given unless we agree on it. If you're thinking of me in that way I'm not offended but just wait until I'm either at an event or fully ready to sort a bang gathering. @Evil no picking on me. By the way if you'd meaning anyone reading this would be willing to be security for a bang party let me know and if you're interested in attending one let me know so vetting can begin. Serious inquiries only and nothing above 8in. If you're a nice DaddyDom that doesn't want to participate but care for me after that's welcome. If I'm in a dynamic or something by the time of the event then we shall see By the way... If you wouldn't let your girl do a gang bang share why if you don't mind? Lol who knows that question might lead a future Master Daddy to me lol If comprehension regarding this post isn't clear i have no desire to clarify unless we are cool with each other. All i can suggest is read slowly.

4/15/2018 7:04:12 AM
Please send good vibes for tomorrow. Thanks and no not including why because I'm being a big girl.

4/14/2018 11:46:05 AM
A modest humble jealous nurturing guiding control freak? Easy right, nope the humble modest part is rare even in vanillas. I like men like that because I'm an ego stroker. If your ego is stroked by you or small actions it's a huge turn off. One guy messaged me and seemed super humble but super dominant, he doesn't seem to be on a lot. Kind of standoffish and i have been a chaser years back but nowadays if someone is interested I know if they pursue me.

4/14/2018 7:24:26 AM
I no fewl good

4/12/2018 7:30:25 PM
I've only uttered Master to one Papa to one other Eh I'm a trip so I've said daddy to a host more but in the end when I said or moaned papa it meant something if I cried or giggled or whispered Master it meant something. This is not a game, although sometimes I get played, this is not a game. Yes I've had potentials but i kept it private. yes I had false starts kept it private. That's why sometimes or lots of times I seem ok or even content unowned. Instead of being owned and wondering, stressing, feeling neglected, or missing whoever, or being taken for granted... I get to be at peace, occasionally smile from a memory, and continue. I have faith I'll belong again and when I do it'll be just as special but moreso because I'll have good warm owned feelings with peace on top. That will be amazing, and new, and genuine. I'm going to turn on audible, settle in, and dream of peace within ownership. Something rare but so priceless to me.

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