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Switch/Dom Couple, 41/48,  Willshire , Ohio


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Age: 61, Height: 6ft 1in (185 cm), Weight: 210 lbs.
Location: Ohio
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BisexualMale Slave
Age: 58, Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm), Weight: 138 lbs.
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We are looking for Slaves to add to our home. I am a SWITCH and HE IS A DOM. I only am a slave to my Sir to everyone else I am a DOMME. We are not in to  fakes and we will NEVER SEND MONEY. So don't ask. If you would like to join our home please send me a message. Would love to chat and get to know you, but only  serious people need to message. A FEW THINGS you must be BI or NO ANSWER. 


NOT HERE FOR FAKES,GAMES NOR FOR HOOK UPS. So if you fit in this  category please move on. I will find out. My Master and I want real people not fakes. 


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10/13/2017 10:56:36 AM


At the heart of submission is the choice to submit and the option to say "No". The submissive decides how much authority they will cede to another, how much control theywill bow to, and what aspects of thier life will surrender to the dominant's command. Submissive power exchange is about choice: about the option to decide how one feels about a demand and what one is going to do about it. At any point that the sub is not comfortable with this arrangement, it is within their rights to say "No, I'm not going to do that", and this becomes a signal to the couple that they need to renegotiate something. It does not completely derail the power dynamic between them. 

A submissive chooses to submit and has the option to say 'no' in at least one aspect of their life. 

A submissive who is controlled in large tracts of their life – their  sexuality, work, dress, social habits, etc - may fall into a space of obedience where orders in those arenas are never mulled over or reassessed. I contend that this is not counter to the definition I offer above but a special subset thereof: even for such a closely-controlled submissive, there remains some area of hir life or aspect of their person where retains autonomy, or where it is option to decide if theor wishes to submit in the moment. 

In short: a submissive chooses to submit and has the option in some area or another to say "no" to a dominant command.


How, then, does consensual slavery differ from submission? 

First and foremost, slavery hinges upon a commitment to obedience. The slave does not revisit issues such as "should I submit?" or "How do I feel about that? Will I say yes or no?" When a dominant order is issued, whether or not the slave agrees with it, sie is obedient in the same manner that a soldier is who has enlisted in the Army. (That military analogy is one of several I think holds very true for the power dynamics of M/s relationships.)

Secondly, in consensual slavery a person gives themselves over to the control of another as completely as is humanly possible. This means not only a high degree of obedience, but that there is actually a chattel property context to the relationship. I refer not to a legal relationship, of course, but to a mutual understanding of ownership and property status that arises between the parties. While both slaves and submissives are often fondly referred to as "property", in the sense of consensual slavery the slave becomes literally (by mutual agreement) the property of the Owner. It is not unheard of for slaves to be sold by an Owner and to go willingly to their new Master or Mistress.

A slave commits to obey. A 'no' becomes a dealbreaker in a way it can never be for a submissive. 

Thirdly, a slave cannot say "No" without completely abrogating the very basis of the Master/slave agreement. A "No" from a slave is a terminal deal-breaker in a way that it is not for a submissive. One analogy I offer is this: a submissive is like an employee in the workplace, who can protest directives and hope to resolve conflict with management (the dominant). A slave, on the other hand, is like a soldier who, if they disobeys orders, has put themself  in a position of mutiny with much more dire consequences to their relationship to the military (the Owner) than if they were a civilian disputing a less-controlling authority. The military cannot function if command authority is questioned, and neither can a Master/slave relationship. 

Earlier I said, "The submissive decides how much authority they will cede to another, how much control they will bow to, and what aspects of their life will surrender to the dominant's command." Slavery differs in this regard: these decisions are not made by the slave, but by the Owner for the slave, after the general commitment to obedience is in place. 

There is much more to be said about the characteristics and nuances of consensual. But I believe the above serves to illustrate the key differences in the submission and obedience factors of sub and slave.

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