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Still dreaming, still hoping, the one i can serve is out the
Male Submissive, 45,  The cold part, Connecticut US

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Still dreaming, still hoping, the one i can serve is out there.

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6/14/2017 8:14:25 AM
Panic over. So as I have been "snacking" too often recently, i am self-aware, i took it upon myself to lock it up overnight to avoid temptation. Awoke in the morning, all fine, showered, dried had breakfast, before getting Jamie ready realized I needed some groceries and to gas the car up. Off I go run my errands. Back home with the joyous thought of being Jamie until I get up for work tomorrow on my mind. Before I get ready my thought turns to adding a little lubricant around the device to avoid chafing etc. I get the cotton buds and Vaseline out to keep it comfortable. As I am doing this I look to where I keep the keys all on one ring on its own (all 3 eggs in one basket, yes I know). I notice they aren't there, no panic, I will find them in a minute. 2 hours later, after I turned the house upside down including searching through the garbage I am really beginning to sweat. Out to the car, under the seats, mats, back of the seat, back seat, trunk, glove box, under the car and nothing. Panic is setting in. Out to the grocery store nothing, even asked the customer service desk. Gas station, same thing. Sat at the gas station and truly in a panic. Mind racing and truly dripping in sweat. How would i get it off, would i damage myself, i dont have the tools, next thoughts are how long can I keep it on before I medically need to take it off in whatever way? I leave the gas station to return home. Pull in to my parking space and notice something shiny. Oh THANK YOU, I jump out the car, grab the 3 keys off the ground that I obviously dropped and parked on. Joy turns to panic as I see what appears 3 mangled keys. I park rush in and to my relief one of the 3 still works . I keep it on but go out to the hardware store, buy 3 replacement keys and now have them in separate locations. Lesson learned.

6/13/2017 2:55:01 AM
Such a wonderful nights sleep filled with such wonderful dreams. Nights like that come along all too infrequently.

6/8/2017 1:31:24 AM
It isn't about looks, it isn't about sex, it is all about the mind.

6/5/2017 8:50:46 PM
Out in public at request, wanted to vomit, hardest thing to do, avoiding people in the middle of the night, just to please.

2/6/2017 3:11:37 PM
Sat completely alone with a hundred people around me is beautiful. Contemplating everything alone in my own mind, invisible to all yet surrounded by noise, furore, conversation, laughter and music. This is relaxing.

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