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I was here a while back, well when it was CM anyway, found what I thought I was looking for an
Male Submissive, 45,  Not the city, Connecticut US

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I was here a while back, well when it was CM anyway, found what I thought I was looking for and was mostly happy for the last 3 years. Unfortunately, it ultimately ended and once again, in a world full of people, I find myself single and back looking for the one I can give my love, respect, servitude and soul to, in an effort to make them happy.

I am probably not holding out too much hope as it took ten years the first time, but hey, I am not a quitter.

Journal Entries:
1/10/2017 3:43:30 PM
Falling down the rabbithole, not sure what is happening, what will happen or whether I even want to stop or fall further. I am going to a place I didn't want to go to, that isn't who I am, but I can't stop as I crave her attention, I yearn to please her. There are points I worry that I could go too far and then she tire of me and I would be lost and unable to go back. If I knew it was a certainty, if I knew it was happening soon it would be easier but I don't and I am scared, cautious but excited.

12/29/2016 7:54:38 AM
I don't know what I feel now. Was I wrong, did my thoughts offend, did you bore of me?

12/25/2016 5:12:25 PM
I am down the rabbithole, I feel scared, I feel excited. When every spare thought you have is for someone who doesn't want you, doesn't feel what you feel, unrequited feelings, looked on as a lesser person, yet you still can't take a breath without a thought of them, it is rough. When you are prepared to do something that makes you feel less of yourself, goes against everything you want, then you know where you are going to end up.

12/22/2016 10:17:43 AM
She makes me want to do things I know I will abhor. I would bebase myself for her just to amuse her. I know what she aims me to be and I both don't and do want it.I am already doing thing I never wanted to do and it becomes routine. I know this journey will only become worse for me but I need her and as much as I feel like a failure as a man I don't know if I can exist without her. This is what two weeks with Mistress Rachel has done to me. I am a basket case of confusion, fear, joy and devotion. My name is now Sissy Jamie. Follow any progress I make and to speak to me please ask Mistress Rachel on CM at sissytask2

12/20/2016 7:06:54 PM
That is you! I have no words. Instant reaction, breath taken away. Best Christmas present.

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