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I long to worship and serve a wonderful woman. Life just doesn't quite seem full unless you ha
Male Submissive, 26,  Arkansas US

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I long to worship and serve a wonderful woman. Life just doesn't quite seem full unless you have an amazing woman to devote it to. However, I also believe submission is a gift that should be respected. I want to be with a domme who appreciates and respects a man who can be submissive for her, who can take care of her, serve her, put aside his pride for her. I want a domme who wants a real man to serve her, a man who has a life, passions and ambitions. I believe a sub is a reflection of his domme. I never quite understood the dommes on here who sincerely think their subs are pathetic losers, or beta males, for what does say about the person they're serving? I am drawn to bdsm because of the intense devotion involved. To completely belong to someone is a very beautiful thing, and I want to serve a domme who understands that.  


Vanilla wise, I am an avid reader, and have a liberal arts degree. I  love music and play classical guitar. I also love animals, art museums, working out, practicing BJJ and Muay Thai, beaches, lounges, and old religious buildings and ruins. I also enjoy dancing, especially tango--its passion, sensuality, and elegance suit me well. I strive to be the best version of myself and actively develop all aspects of my life. 


I am looking for someone fit and feminine that I can have a connection with both in and out of the bedroom. Someone I can have a great conversation with. 

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