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Facts: 6ft 1' Size 13 foot size Able to lift and carry up to 100 pounds so if you are 100
Male Dominant, 23,  California US

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  • 6ft 1"

  • Size 13 foot size

  • Able to lift and carry up to 100 pounds so if you are 100 pounds or under I can and will pick you up

  • A fair amount of stamina (if you get what I'm saying)  Currently enrolled in college studying metallurgy.

  • I cannot drink due to legal and health reasons though I do make a mighty fine cocktail.  Currently staying on the same property as my mom and dad (though not living in the same house) This is due to my mom's health and the fact I live in the highest cost per living part of California so it is not feasible to have a place of my own

  • Currently working on the body modification process called pearling (which is very fun for both parties, google it).

  • Also before continuing dully note that I am more of a control, obedience, training, and protocol oriented dom.


I work at a child care facility and part time as a blacksmith. I am able to make most kink  items that are made of metal I'm solely dominant, but is fine with vanilla. I don't mind people 18-30 (preferably 18-25), but no one over 30 and no men, I'm not interested in men at all (unless they are sissy). I'm fine with f/f couples but would be hesitant for a m/f couple. If given the opportunity I will have multiple subs and when not in use you will be kept in chastity. I am a huge fan of people begging, I know not all sub//slaves that are into it. And if your wondering I do have more than my fair share of experience for my age (7 years of experience). I'm fairly skilled in rope play and servitude. I do not currently have the largest collection of toys but I'm working on changing that. I am able to accommodate for large periods of time, or if need be rent out a room. I do have some pet play experience as well as some bimbo/sissy training experience and I have an interest in trans people. I also have a huge amount of experience in bitch breaking, not an extreme interest.



  • DD/LG

  • Minor Sadism

  • Pet play

  • Hucow

  • Ropeplay

  • Electro play

  • Hypnosis

  • Urethral

  • Bitch breaking

  • Sissy training 

  • Exhibitionism (watching)

  • Voyeurism (watching)

  • Consensual non-consent

  • Using paintball/pellet guns in the bedroom

  • Humiliation Degradation

  • Faux kidnapping Prostitution

  • And lactation

  • Other listed in interests



  • Art (anything except for modernism)

  • Blacksmithing 

  • Classical Music

  • Work

  • Horror movies

  • And everything Asian  

Journal Entries:
6/26/2017 4:50:25 AM
Off to a family wedding, I'll be without a computer for 2 1/2 days so site attendance will be spotty at best.

6/11/2017 6:24:04 PM
Just order a new shock collar, the old one stopped functioning.

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