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Facts: 6ft 1' Size 13 foot size Able to lift and carry up to 100 pounds so if you are 100
Male Dominant, 26,  California










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 Dominant Male


 6' 0"

 150 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Submissive Trans

Sub/Sub Couples

Friends Only

Online Romance


A Poly Household


  • 6ft 1"

  • Size 13 foot size

  • Able to lift and carry up to 100 pounds so if you are 100 pounds or under I can and will pick you up

  • A fair amount of stamina (if you get what I'm saying) 

  • Currently working on the body modification process called pearling (which is very fun for both parties, google it).

  • Also before continuing dully note that I am more of a control, obedience, training, and protocol oriented dom.


I work as a blacksmith. I am able to make most kink  items that are made of metal. I'm solely dominant. I don't mind people 18-30 (preferably 18-25), but no one over 30 and no men, I'm not interested in men at all (unless they are sissy). I'm fine with f/f couples but would be hesitant for a m/f couple. If given the opportunity I will have multiple subs and when not in use you will be kept in chastity, I currently am working on creating a harem, I you are not into that then please move along. I am a huge fan of people begging, I know not all sub//slaves are into it. And if your wondering I do have more than my fair share of experience for my age (7 years of experience). I'm fairly skilled in rope play and obedience training. I do not currently have the largest collection of toys but I'm working on changing that. I am able to accommodate for large periods of time, or if need be rent out a room. I do have some pet play experience as well as some bimbo/sissy training experience and I have an interest in trans people. I also have a huge amount of experience in bitch breaking, not an extreme interest.



  • DD/LG

  • Minor Sadism

  • Pet play

  • Hucow

  • Ropeplay

  • Electro play

  • Hypnosis

  • Urethral

  • Bitch breaking

  • Sissy training 

  • Exhibitionism (watching)

  • Voyeurism (watching)

  • Consensual non-consent

  • Using paintball/pellet guns in the bedroom

  • Humiliation Degradation

  • Faux kidnapping Prostitution

  • And lactation

  • Other listed in interests



  • Art (anything except for modernism)

  • Blacksmithing 

  • Classical Music

  • Work

  • Horror movies

  • And everything Asian  

Journal Entries:
12/31/2017 6:17:12 PM
Since some people have been asking here are some links showing what urethral penetration is:

12/30/2017 11:59:28 AM
I'd say I'm into some pretty taboo things. As for what exactly, you would have to ask because I don't feel comfortable posting them.

10/30/2017 2:43:43 PM
After working with scrap metal I finally figured out that Trump must use rust as toner in order to get that orange.

6/26/2017 4:50:25 AM
Off to a family wedding, I'll be without a computer for 2 1/2 days so site attendance will be spotty at best.

6/11/2017 6:24:04 PM
Just order a new shock collar, the old one stopped functioning.

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