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The only thing that is ultimately real about your journey is the step that you are taking at t
Female Dominant, 32,  Manhattan, New York












 Dominant Female


 New York

 5' 7"

 118 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male

Switch Men

The only thing that is ultimately real about your journey is the step that you are taking at this moment. That's all there ever is." - Eckhart Tolle

You've visited the profile of HerExcellency.

You commit to READ and grasp its essence and agree to its terms and conditions, what makes sense to HerExcellency, and to know that it too makes sense to you BEFORE making contact.

Keep it simple, transparent, respectful, and efficient.


You will not use the term "M*str*ss" around, with

or in association with HerExcellency.

She does not relate to it and never has.

She refers to it as the "M" term.

You will obey the content and terms of the profile or your

message(s) will be ignored (and perhaps, blocked). 


NO futile or idle messages or greetings to say

"Hi," "Hello," "How are you?," "I'm sorry" or the like

UNLESS you make clear how you are pledging to be of immediate service

as per the terms, conditions, and directives listed under the profile and journal.

Be prepared to PROMPTLY be of use the same day as your message is sent

FULLY honoring the content of the entire profile and journal (and any messages

or communications thereafter), showing your commitment and devotion through tributes, gifts and other tangible actions that make sense to HerExcellency.

This is the ONLY reason to ever make contact. Prove yourself. Value her time.

You are local to NYC and OR willing to compensate by fulfilling orders and tasks online or through someone reliable and in NYC to act on your behalf to meet or exceed the practical tasks, whims, and creature comforts pleasing to HerExcellency.

Keep it simple, transparent, and respectful.

Know your place. Honor HER worth.


You will be hands-on, solutions-oriented, transparent,

committed, devoted, and invested to tangible actions

that support the life, lifestyle, and goals of HerExcellency.

At any given time there will be tasks listed as journal entries.

You may be granted the privilege of handling chores and tasks

in NYC and OR online.


You hereby pledge to willfully and fully execute practical, nons*xual,

and service-oriented contributions to suit the demands, whims, and

creature comforts of HerExcellency.


There are limited opportunities to schedule an occasional roleplay.

To be considered you must commit to reimburse for the time, trouble,

and presence of HerExcellency, and the location to host which is convenient to her.

Her schedule and personal boundaries will be fully respected.

Any requests will require funding in escrow or immediate reimbursement

to respectfully reserve her time to discuss the details which will be agreed to

before any such session may take place. Fully nons*xual and legal only. 





No vulgarity. 

No foul language.

No nudity.

No graphics or images

of full or partial nudity. 

Put your clothes on!!

No s*xual activities.

No contact to suggest

s*xual activities.



Get your mind out of the gutter

or be reported for harassment and abuse.


Keep it simple, transparent, and respectful.



You will not add yourself as an "Admirer".

You instead will prove your commitment

and devotion to practical, nonperverted,

nons*xual service as stated in the profile,

journal, and any and all other communications

for the duration of your service.


This profile and journal reflect the

precious time and energy of HerExcellency.

You commit to no less than one full round of

chores, tasks, and OR contributions and reimbursements

to suit the practical, nons*xual demands, whims, and

creature comforts of HerExcellency.


Keep it simple, transparent, and respectful.



You are in or can get to NYC right away


can easily enlist someone reliable to act on your behalf

and in the interest of HerExcellency


commit to cover or reimburse for applicable orders

and/or expenses online or otherwise.


Keep it simple, transparent, and respectful.

Know your place. Honor HER worth.


HerExcellency has dealt with enough people in life

in all different kinds of situations to know that

"Where there is a will, there is a way".

When a man wants to get something done it gets done.

Keep it simple, transparent, and respectful.

Know your place. Honor HER worth.


In your follow-up of any contact of HerExcellency,

you will prove to be competent, compatible, courteous,

accommodating, transparent, generous, trustworthy,



devoted to support the goals and life of HerExcellency.

Keep it simple, transparent, and respectful.


By responding to this profile, it is hereby interpreted as an implied agreement

for you to be fully and promptly committed to meet one or more rounds of tasks and demands that make perfect sense to HerExcellency.


You hereby pledge to be accountable for responding to this profile and

contacting HerExcellency with the implied understanding that you immediately commit to its content and to be held accountable for its content whether you have read the profile or been delinquent to not read the profile as requested in which case you will promptly cover any fines that apply for any inefficiencies that apply as a result. You commit to cover such fines to be held accountable for unacceptable behavior and until such fines have been rectified, there will be no discussion of service or any acknolwedgement of what you have to say other than when and how the fine will be or has been promptly rectified as a symbol of accountability for inappropriuate behavior and transgressions on MY watch.

Keep it simple, transparent, and respectful.

You are thankful for the privilege to be of service

as per the directives and demands of HerExcellency

and are committed to prove your gratitude

by how promptly you follow through.



Refer to the journal for some current to-do lists

and/or general instructions that advise you of

HOW you may be of prompt and efficient use.



IF you find the profile too long to read,

then find another profile and blame the

deceptive, ignorant, selfish, manipulative, and dense ingrates

for making detailed and in-depth terms necessary.


You pledge to be committed, devoted,

supportive, respectful, and efficient.

You pledge to contribute to positivity,

productivity, and peace-of-mind.


You pledge to be respectful, efficient, accommodating, and reliable.

You pledge to be dedicated, sacrificial, honest, upfront, and hands-on.

You pledge to be solutions-oriented, and drama-free.


You will not request or expect pics not offered to you. 


Any included images are meant as a discreet and


anonymous representation and type. 


Discretion requested and offered in return.

Any and all images (aka as photos, pics, or pix), and/or written and recorded content included herein under profile and/or journal and/or shared via email and/or any and all other means, for the explicit purpose of communications regarding a considered situation and/or the sale of goods and/or services are protected by copyright and are the exclusive possession of the individual who has placed this ad (aka as the seller and/or the agent or representative acting on behalf of the seller). Copying, retention and/or dissemination without clear, expressed, written authorization is/are grounds for immediate legal damages. 

Journal Entries:
3/18/2018 11:18:51 PM
For starters, do read the profile and retain what you've read BEFORE messaging me.
Once you're ready to be of service, then check the journal and read the current entries to see how to communicate and how you may be of use.

You're welcome and thank you.

"When you make a career of covering New Yorkers, you learn something. Nothing is more valuable than their time. You want a piece of that time, you earn it. Give them something valuable, in a way that speaks to them as New Yorkers, because there's no time for anything less." - NYC Broadcast Journalist

Be prepared to fulfill a to-do list or errands of the moment in person or online or to reimburse for the expense or there's no reason to contact me. If I don't see your words translate to immediate actions, and I sense that you're asking me to play guessing games, that's not being of supportive service, that's more like a mindfck.
No thanks. 

Do or do not. There is no try.

3/13/2018 10:33:48 AM

I've noticed some visitors who have a need to act out.

Such things are prohibited from my actual life in which
I emphasize stress-free, drama-free, and positivity.

If you have a need to antagonize, trigger, manipulate,
create conflict, and/or negativity, ask nicely to schedule
a therapeutic roleplay session and confirm the pledge
to reimburse for my time, trouble, presence, and the space to host,
but be certain to leave the negativity out of my real life which must
be valued, respected, and directed as precious.

Unless you're in the shoes of women here,
you're unlikely to be aware of the negativity that exists
unless you're the cause.

For a smart woman with a good head on her shoulders,
responsibilities, and a life until solid actions follow, she doesn't know what

she's gonna get, and it can all be a potential or actual drain on her time,
so when she asks for your efficiency, transparency, and respectful behavior,
have your actions reflect that you have offered no less than your absolute best.

3/13/2018 9:32:55 AM
** Important Reflections - I Exist to Lead and Live My Best Life **

Just curious, how many of you realize how much time and energy has been invested in this profile and its ongoing maintenance, time that should be logically applied to enjoying myself and my life.

The word invest implies a good faith in the best case scenario. It requires that I have a very limited or no tolerance of mess-ups or transgressions because it's just not in the interest of my time and energy or the premise of the profile and my life, to free up my time to do with as I please.

Two to three hours can pass so quickly if it's less than focused on a specific goal. I could be doing my hair, weekend spa or hours of beauty maintenance, getting my nails done, working out, reading, reviewing, and working on advancement of my knowledge,  spending time with pets, family, gal pals, and besties, all things I thoroughly enjoy which expand and add to my life and make me feel great for that day and the days to follow. These all contribute to a positive energy and feeling.

If I allow the time to be disrupted to grant you opportunities, then I'm not putting myself first unless you have my time and energy protected as a win-win no matter what happens.

The dynamic requires doing everything in your ability to minimize disruption of the time while you are handling your duties. This requires an awareness of the time and energy you require from me in order to be granted duties.

It requires seeing those duties as privileges that you must respect in the form of reimbursements
and honorarium for my time and energy to logically apply. Otherwise, you're encouraging me to compromise instead of elevating my life for someone who is supposed to be serving and sacrificing his life as his pleasure for me.

It requires compensating for any transgressions through fines understanding that if you've already messed up, the best case scenario may just be neutralizing the situation with a fine because you can't turn back and undo the disruption or static to the value of my time, energy, and peace-of-mind that must be viewed as precious, something which must be protected, care for, revered, and extolled. 

IF you send a reply submitting to be of service but fail to include an introduction with email and mobile, area/location, available hours, and what calls you to be of service, then you're starting out on a note of unnecessary disruption in which a fine must immediately apply as a course correction and to neutralize the energy that accompanies such an inconsiderate oversight.  

Consider before you respond because all too frequently it seems to be more productive and therefore, makes more sense, to apply the time and energy to me, a known entity, basically knowing that if the time is invested in me, this will produce a clear, practical, constructive, and positive outcome that contributes to my overall happiness, positivity, stability, and peace-of-mind. This is why granting you opportunities is viewed as a privilege.

The average visitor to the profile/journal appears to take the process and dynamic for granted based on the content of his reply.

Some individuals, when given the opportunity to share email and mobile to be given their duties, will mess-up immediately and must be terminated.

Some who have messed up have already established a positive track record of sincerity and are permitted to show immediate accountability and course correction through a fine(s).

It is your duty and privilege to be of simple, transparent, prompt, efficient use that actually contributes, serves, encourages and supports the precious value of time, energy, positivity, happiness, peace-of-mind, and sense of order to my best life.

Follow instructions or find another profile.

I'm not a masochist or a sadist. I love me. I love life. I love the people in my life.
If you don't qualify, then you must be distanced and eradicated.

If there's a place for you that I've missed,
then let me know how you are offering to
contribute to my health, beauty, comfort,
peace-of-mind, positivity and wealth
that supports the freedom to free up
my time to do with as I please.

If you have a need to act out or that's your agenda, ask nicely to
schedule a therapeutic roleplay session confirming that you pledge
to reimburse for my time, trouble, presence, and the space to host,
just leave the nonsence out of real life which should be respected
and directed as precious.

How are you a positive, contributing, supportive,
life-affirming, constructive team player in my life
that leads to greater health, fuel, and energy for the things I enjoy?

How are you contributing to my best life as I see fit?

3/10/2018 9:35:11 PM
"Werk, honey"

I love fashion. I have some beautiful Italian shoes and garments I'd love to salvage because I didn't get to fully enjoy these before the damage occurred; you will get the articles and accoutrement repaired and/or find comparable replacements (not so easy, trust me) based on the distinctive, sophisticated style and/or arrange for the applicable fabrics and materials and the bespoke seamstress and cobbler. I'm excited already.

Who's up to the challenge of getting these repaired and/or replaced to my satisfaction? This should be fun!! The right attendant fully concurs.

Beauty is everrrrything. "Yessss." You're welcome. :)))

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