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My health continues to decline.  I am not looking for anyone, as I am in no condition to
Female Dominant, 24,  Up North, Michigan US

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Straight Switch Couple
Age: 41, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm), Weight: 260 lbs.
Location: las vegas, Nevada
Last on 3/22/17 at 4:39 AM

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 Dominant Female

 Up North 



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My health continues to decline.  I am not looking for anyone, as I am in no condition to Own anyone.  I am here now only to keep in contact with a few friends.  If you are not one of those friends, please...I AM NOT LOOKING.


There is a secret song at the center of the world and its sound is like razors through flesh.

Journal Entries:
2/14/2017 7:01:42 PM

Every day I dream of sunlight in my dark room
I want to find a reason why
Justify my reason to stay alive
Within this pain

Tell me why?
Why must I bear this cross
So heavy for my soul?
Please hold me in your love

Let me die
Give me the light
I'm waiting for death to knock on my door, to release my pain
My sadness in the night

2/14/2017 6:19:22 PM
Save me now
before my world falls
Save me now
from myself
before the dawn

Save me now
I'm at the reaper's door
Can't you see
you hold the key
to set my mind free...

1/17/2017 5:46:25 AM
I can't erase your memory from my mind
I can't cry anymore
The only peace I'll ever know
I'll close my eyes, and shoot 

12/26/2016 12:34:30 PM
Thank you for everything
Every moment you shared
I appreciated your stay
Every smile you gave away

Thank you for leaving
Now I clearly see the dark
Embraced by agony
I fear nothing but life

What's the reason to live if I cannot love
I can't get over you
What's the reason to live at all

12/13/2016 3:30:50 PM
Full moon's reflecting
A face in the mirror
Twisted and bleeding
No, you can't be real, no you're
All in my mind
Shades of insanity, you're not me
You're not me

Life in the attic
I like my rocking chair
Staring in shadows
Crouched in the corner
Waiting for something
Laughing at nothing
No one there

And on and on I wonder is there more
What is life beyond the attic door
The full moon in my eyes
Is all that's real
The mirror's lost reflection is in me

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