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A quick message:  Can the nice and generous sub who recently sent me a black corset send
Female Dominant, 28,  Derby, UK












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A quick message:  Can the nice and generous sub who recently sent me a black corset send me a message as there is a problem with it and it needs to be returned but cannot do with without an order number   

TODAY 19th Feb  session available at 5.30pm and / or 8.30pm

Maybe , only maybe, session tuesday 20th at 6pm

Session Times:
Monday to Thursday 7pm to 10pm
Friday 4pm to 11pm (sometimes)
Weekends 10am to 11pm

There are still enough fakes on CS to give folks pause, when contacting a new profile, so I have added my website which you should check out.

I AM A PRO DOMME, I seldom, if ever, make initial contact, if I do it will be a single message, if you do not reply then no more will follow.

My profile,
This is mainly for those able to meet near DERBY either in the playrooms I use in a private house (not my home) or I can come to your home or your hotel if they are in Derby.

I am a pretty, 28yr old, white. English, slim, experienced Pro Domme and, after my first months of carrying out sessions, I still cannot wait for the next session so I can develop my skills further with my lucky sub, either male or female.

Although I am now confident in my Domly abilities I am keeping the tribute low until the end of February 2018.

During sessions I enjoy many aspects of BDSM and show here a small selection: shoe/foot worship, CBT, CP (with a range of toys and clamps) on feet, legs, arse, nipples and back.  Blindfold, gag, hood and ropes can be used.  Magic Wands and Violet Wands are amondst my favourite toys to use.

If you have your own toys then please bring them along too, especially if unusual, so I can learn new techniques.

I am happy to ‘tie and leave’ you in the playroom or in private garden or I have a dog crate which can act as a small cage.
I am very happy for service / domestic subs who wish to visit for a few hours to help make the playroom house nicer, or more dungeony, to attend

For those who wish it, I have just bought my own strap-on so if you are well behaved I might fuck you, and tell you are a good, or bad, boy, during a two hour session.
I can also offer permanent body piercings if that is something you would like

NO SEX, and only if you have been a very good boy will you cum, so do not think this is a meeting for sex or an easy wank.

Session tributes are from £50 an hour (see end of profile for more info) which I hope you will think is fair as I wish to make sure you leave satisfied and wanting to return.

Again, I can visit you in your Derby home, you can book a hotel in Derby or use the playroom I mentioned above.  The playroom (photos in profile)  is £20 for 1hr, £30 for 2hrs or £12 per hr if 3hrs of longer.

Due to many subs not appearing, at their booked time, a deposit of the room fee is required to secure your time.

A extra little piece of info:
If you would like a discounted session I am looking for clever subs who can help make the house I use nicer, so, if you have some DIY skills then say hello:

I would like a clever boy who can

* Fit 2 hinges to a PVC patio door
* do a service on central heating boiler (potterton)
* fix a none cooling American type fridge-freezer
* plumb in a bidet
* decorate (wallpaper mostly) hallway and stairwell
* plaster a ceiling
* paint stair bannister spindles

* A strange one: I have a 12 x 20ft internal wall and would like to get a mural painting
* Uproot, and swap 2 small fruit trees and / or lay 20 (45cm x 45cm) slabs on soil

If you have any of these skills say hello and we can arrange something as a reward for your skills.

Many like to buy a gift so I have fetish items on my Wishlist from £1.50 or, for a little more, some sexy outfits that, if gifted, I will wear in photoshoots with images posted.

Tributes per hour:
Foot worship, gag, hood, blindfold, restraints, rope work, CP, CBT, nipple clamps, humiliation and more :: basic tribute

All the above plus butt plugs, dildos, edge play :: basic tribute plus £10

The above with tie and tease and/or strap-on :: basic tribute plus £20 (two hour session preferred)
For those that wish to visit as sissies, maids, CDs. TVs etc to help about the house then a tribute of £15 an hour would be welcome
For purely feet/shoe fetishists I can offer a 30 minute session letting you enjoy shoes, boots, flip-flops etc along with nyloned and naked feet for £40 total


A New 1 hour Session Idea.
I am calling it 'Top and Toe' and it consists of a 50/50 split between footworship and getting (maybe giving) a 'sensual' back massage.  - £50

On rare occasions I could also webcam for short Doming sessions

Is this how you think, if so say hello..


Being your slave, what should I do but tend
Upon the hours and times of your desire?
I have no precious time at all to spend,
Nor services to do, till you require.
Nor dare I chide the world-without-end hour
Whilst I, my Sovereign, watch the clock for you.
Nor think the bitterness of absence sour
When you have bid your servant once adieu;
Nor dare I question with my jealous thought
Where you may be, or your affairs suppose,
But like a sad slave, stay and think of nought,
Save, where you are how happy you make those.
So true a fool is love that in your will
Though you do anything, he thinks no ill.

.....Sonnet 57 by William Shakespeare

Feedback: (newest first)


from j77

It was a truly delightful, and leisurely session with you - I very much enjoyed your company, and I wanted to tell you, you hit the note regarding severity Just about right (I never mind a bit of blood - I don't specifically LOOK for it.


from gg1-0

Saturday am
I’m just recovering from a very special 2 hours I spent last night with Mistress ZuZan. OMG she was absolutely awesome. I had the most amazing session I have had in years. Very professional in every way possible. It was an absolute pleasure to be under her total control. My nipples are still sore and very tender but what an amazing feeling to carry round with you.
Thank You Mistress and I will definitely be back. Sighs. X


from mj
I really enjoyed being tied down. Your rope work is excellent. And, funnily, I liked the bed frame.....Never experienced that purple static wand before but really liked it.....And you've got a very attractive figure - loved your legs in that PVC with purple high heels - stunning.....An amazing experience. Would love to do it again

from j-11
Hi mistress,yes it was great session u did really well considering u not done much trample like this.You certainly left your mark on my balls ;-).


from bt
I enjoyed the session. Thankyou for taking it gently and I thought the way you led me and teased me and built it up was great.


from c2u
In session you were lovely, very gentle and eshingly tactile. A slave’s body, cock n balls belong to his Mistress, it’s nice when she takes control of them and feels free to manhandle.


from g6
Very professional
Very good looking and attractive
Very good manner and way in which you built up kinks (esp flogging learning my limits but taking consideration with marks left where)
This built trust and i felt comfortable with you


from r
You are fantastic, but you probably know that. One of the best experiences I have had ever. Very human with a soft touch combining kindness and cruelty is great on the receiving end.
I went home marked but not hurt and lifted up not pushed down. Wish I could afford that sort of treatment all the time.
Probably more of a Princess than a Mistress in a very good way. 10 out of 10


from t-cdtv2
Thank you MistressZuZan I was in total awe of you from the moment you opened the door, I hope I was respectful enough to you, I felt I had really fell into you Web, you are a beautiful goddess who really knows how to use me, thank you for using me xxx


from s-4a

YOU are a very classy, intelligent, sensual domme and I adored playing with you.
The only thing that restricts me seeing you more often is distance and cost
(although your costs are reasonable), and my availability.



A big thank you to tilly who worked magic sealing my bath, changing the mixer taps and fixing the shower so subs can now have a shower if they need one.


A big 'thank you' to geeky who set up My new webpages and suffered My endless ' add this', do thats'


A warm cyber hug (pun intended) to little spoony, without whose timely assistence the hot water problem, at the playroom house, might still be unfixed


And an acceptable amount of gratitutde to our cleaner for his gifts so I could buy a pretty violet wand, magic wand and many other torturous playthings


A very unexpected thank you to ab-lb for his 3 gifts, looking forward to wearing one and adding photos as soon as possible

Journal Entries:
1/24/2018 1:43:02 PM
a silly and clearly frustrated little boy posted this to me:...
 johannexx Dated: 1/29/18 l2:31AM   
I'm very particular and I know a shitbag when I see one. I'm lucky you did not charge me for this message. Lets hope a shitbag like you is able to properly clean het tools, so as to avoid the spread of Syphilis, gonorrhea etc.

1/10/2018 9:42:37 AM
I have had a couple of no show subs and our cleaner has told me he too isn't able to keep his appointment.  Unfortunately, for him, he is also a cash-slave and he doesn't get off so lightly.  Someone has to be accountable and made an example of! 
He is always willing, and very submissive, so If he approaches me correctly I may consider rinsing him again on valentines day - maybe.

12/20/2017 7:17:49 AM
Well it is Christmas Eve and I decided I deserved a present so I have just rinsed Our  domestic maid, our cleaner, as his persistence, and devotion, to serve Me financially is much appreciated, especially, at this time of year.  He is My 1st cash-slave and I intend to put him to good use in 2018.

12/8/2017 7:28:27 AM

A big thank you to tilly who worked magic sealing my bath and changing the mixer taps, now subs can now have a shower if they need one. 

A big 'thank you' to geeky who set up My new webpages and suffered My endless ' add this', do thats'

A warm cyber hug (pun intended) to little spoony, without whose timely assistence the hot water problem, at the playroom house, might still be unfixed

And an acceptable amount of gratitutde to our cleaner for his gift so I could buy a pretty violet wand

12/6/2017 7:39:55 AM
Our little domestic maid, our cleaner, came back, with his tail between his legs, pleading with for me to give him a good rinsing. I would hardly call it a rinsing though, more of a tribute really.  However it was the first time for both of us and he will be used again if he comes crawling back

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