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I spend a lot of time falling further down my personal rabbit hole. I'm a huge fan of horror
Female Dominant, 22,  Pennsylvania US

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I spend a lot of time falling further down my personal rabbit hole.
I'm a huge fan of horror, specifically torture. Everything about what goes bump in the night, to how serial killers think, to torture devices dating back to the Renaissance, truly tickles me. I like to watch people in pain. I love to watch them to struggle to resist or even try to get away. Nothing brings out the fire in my heart and the hunger in my eyes like watching a pathetic worm try to run from whatever is inflicting pain upon them.

I don't like to follow a set guideline. I can be giddy, silly, even playful. I love to play games with my subs, take that as it is. Not everything is head-to-toe latex paired with whips and chains. (Though those can be fun too!)
I enjoy the mind-fuck. I enjoy toying with someone, making them squirm with what may or may not happen next.

I am into : financial domination | humiliation | degradation | body worship
I also sell My used items.
I'm currently looking for financial sub. I do not NEED your money, I WANT you to GIVE it to me. I want you to beg me to drain you of everything you have. I love being able to control you, in any and every aspect I choose. The only thing that really gets me wet is knowing that you're begging to serve me, to keep me happy, to do whatever I please.

I am NOT looking for couples/one-night stands/fuck buddies/etc. Kinky does not mean fucks anyone that asks.

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10/14/2016 5:44:40 AM
My page clearly states Findom. Don't talk to Me unless you know what that means.

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