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I will take care of your needs as long as you take care of my wants   Details:  
Female Dominant, 19,  Newyork, New York US

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 Dominant Female


 New York


 125 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Men

I will take care of your needs as long as you take care of my wants




Ethnicity: Venezuelan

Occupation: Uni. Student

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair: Jet Black (Waist Length)

Bra Size: C


Assertive, confident and attractive FinDom Girl LF a pay pig. As your living deity - You will serve me, spoil me and listen to my commands. Mssg me only if you're serious and/or interested otherwise you will get blocked



I'm 100% real FinDom Mistress and expected to be treated like goddess and princess at all times

Note: Yes I am confident (as every domme should be) but respectful,understanding and caring with all my subs so I do not seek to control bank accounts however I do expect tribute once in a while.

Dont agree or unfamiliar with this kink? Fantastic! Now please look elsewhere and dont waste my precious time.

In fact, Do not even think about wasting my time or you will get blocked 

Unfortunately, many of you like to waste time with small talk. Ill keep it simple; for KIK and/or to become my sub tribute* must be paid


*I do not accept cash only gifts via amazon and/or gift cards




Do you have a website?

Yes, Ask me for it although I bet you can find it yourself

Do you sell your worn shoes/panties/socks?

Yes, mssg me.

What are your limits?

Scat/Blackmail/Toilet play





Princess Ciel



Journal Entries:
5/16/2016 5:27:09 PM
New FD's check my profile often to see what my profile says & what I do so they can follow 


4/26/2016 2:31:31 PM
Heres how its going to go:

I do not do cam2cam before tribute nor share my KIK info.

Wayyyy too many time wasters here so if thats a problem look ELSEWHERE!


3/25/2016 2:21:36 PM
Why do other Femdommes insist on stalking my profile?

If you're one of them heres your answer:

  • Yes, I'm attractive, have an hourglass figure and much younger than you
  • Yes, hispanics naturally have a nice ass :) (Thanks!)
  • Yes, your  "loyal" sub contacted me to be one of mines
  • No I do not want to join you and humiliate one of your subs
  • No, I do not want to go to one of your parties
  • No, I do not want your Skype nor do I care who you are 
  • No, I am not bisexual 
  • Yes, I think you look pathetic being a nosy, insecure repugnant swine

~ I laugh at all of you 

XOXO Princess Ciel

3/16/2016 4:35:27 PM
So the session today with my new sub was quite entertaining. Thank you for the $poiling, jon!  

XO Princess C.L

3/14/2016 3:51:14 PM
The illiteracy! Why do peasants insist on contacting me without proving themselves worthy? piteously sybaritic idiots

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