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Love degrading, deeply separating My distances of dark pride. Daring This daggered being to
Female Slave, 33,  Tennessee US

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Love degrading, deeply separating

My distances of dark pride. Daring

This daggered being to a death of

Identity. Damn me. May the dawn

Draw dyed lines of words upon my

Dunes. May You, God of my dragons,

Declare me as Your dirty darling.

Where decadence decades these

Daymares of independence;

Where You define my worth, for this

Dance of ours deepens our freedom

Day and night, dusk into dust. Divine

Dreams. - We finally begin to exist.

~ dirtydarling



(i am Owned. i am also known around here as AcquiescentLove.)



Journal Entries:
1/12/2017 2:48:58 AM
It is good to have this distance between, right now.
Because if W.we were face to face...

i would SLAP You.
As hard as i could,
right across Your
cold, hard face.

i would slap You for hurting me
so deeply, i just want to hurt You back.
i would not even think twice about
doing it. It would just happen.

And then i would
stand my ground
hotly -
and plea with my
inner demons -
Search Your eyes
for a soul,
Search Your face
for an answer,
and feel my mouth
quiver as it suddenly
realizes i slapped
You, my Love.

That would be about the moment
when You would grasp my neck in Your palm.
Slam my back against a wall.
Jam Your knee between my legs.
Bruise my breast with an aggressive squeeze and...

Kiss me like never before.
Kiss away my hot anger.
Kiss me, overwhelmingly.
Kiss me because i am Yours.

Then rape me,
and help me remember
that i don't need answers
for the hurt You've caused.
i only need to be used and abused.

But this is no Hollywood -
and i have no one to slap, right now.

~ dirtydarling

1/11/2017 11:57:01 PM
Shades Of A Valentine Crises

Why must the flames

Burn as red?
i have never hated
Anything so much.
Is red a shade of pink?
Is pink a shade of red?
i don't care.
Not my affair,
i will strip you.
Ban you from my heart.
In fact it has already been done.
Goodbye pink heels.
Goodbye pink skirt.
Goodbye pink gloves.
i will turn up the heat
Turn your red into icy-hot white,
Turn you from my sight
and leave, love undone.
i will not shed a tear.
your ashes will go everywhere.
i will burn you alive.
Because the hurt is enough
to burn down the world.
the hurt is enough to start anew
And forget about you.

Now if only memories
would melt.
I might then find some strength
to pick myself up
from where i've knelt.

That is the problem with Him,
He made Love feel so grand.
Even satan WANTS his victims.
i don't understand.

why i am not wanted.
It is a good thing i can remain
sane, otherwise i'd put aflame
much more than just
plain, pink undies

~ dirtydarling

1/11/2017 11:47:49 PM
When i saw you
i thought He would like you.
you, i thought, would
make Him want me.
you and Him are meant to be.
you and Him on me how fun
this would be, i thought.
i never thought when i saw you
that He would not want me.
He just doesn't want me.

So now when i see you
i ask why doesn't He want me?
me, i thought, in you
would be a nice gift.
But now it wouldn't be so nice
if He just doesn't want me, would it?
So i will just cancel you,
receive my refund,
and think about those days
when i thought He liked me
and when i thought
He would like you.

~ dirtydarling

1/7/2017 7:42:03 AM
There is no other way to cope with a Monster then to just lay there and take it.


12/30/2016 3:38:41 AM
It is humanly impossible, my God, to believe in Your lies and crave Your sadism. This is why i pray for You to dehumanize me, and create in me a creature who can.

~ dirtydarling

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