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Love degrading, deeply separating My distances of dark pride. Daring This daggered being to
Female Dominant, 33,  Tennessee


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StraightMale Dominant
Age: 32, Height: 5ft 9in (175 cm), Weight: 190 lbs.
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
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Love degrading, deeply separating

My distances of dark pride. Daring

This daggered being to a death of

Identity. Damn me. May the dawn

Draw dyed lines of words upon my

Dunes. May You, God of my dragons,

Declare me as Your dirty darling.

Where decadence decades these

Daymares of independence;

Where You define my worth, for this

Dance of ours deepens our freedom

Day and night, dusk into dust. Divine

Dreams. - We finally begin to exist.

~ dirtydarling



(i am Owned. i am also known around here as AcquiescentLove.)



Journal Entries:
4/10/2018 4:48:36 PM
Maybe it could be
That You could spoil me
By putting me on my knees.
And just maybe, give me
A lovely reward of a weighty load
And drown me in Your Honey.
And then, don't let it end, but
Find ourselves on the bed,
With kisses and caresses and
Kind declarations, with
'Keep me close' promises,
and whispered wishes.
Make me sigh, make me fly,
make me swoon so close to You
That i melt and fall for You.
Even split me apart, Oh yes!
Open my secrets,
Invade my hot depths
and ram me with a sequence
of wild screams that wont
leave my dreams.
Maybe it could be
That You could spoil me
Just like this, my Lover,
and somehow do what You do
that drifts me out to discover
the hidden, undercover delights
of a bottomless sub-space.
Because feeling my place
is a state of grace,
gifted most favorably.
Maybe it could be
That You could spoil me
by setting me free.

~ dirtydarling

4/10/2018 4:01:07 PM

A Wild Blue Yonder
Found her soul,
Mapped it with stars,
And called her beautiful -
She knew she was.
But not everyone knew.
So little child of wild blue
Wanderings drifted quietly
Along, Dawn by Dusk.
Waiting to be discovered.
Longing for her Lover.

And Wondering if Wolves
Loved the stars;

Loved them enough to
Leave the Moon

And take adventure within
The zodiac of her soul.
For that is all she ever wanted;
A Wolf to howl at her beauty -
and by His ravenous Love,
A Wolf to set her free.

~ dirtydarling

3/15/2018 2:45:48 PM
They say you are bad and
They say I am blind,
But we are hotter than a fantasy.
They say I am a trophy and
They say you are a gentleman,
But we burn it down at night.
They say you like it dark and
They say I like my hair down,
But they have no idea, really.
They say I like it intense and
They say you like taking chances,
But they all dream about being us.
What is she to you?
What is she to you?

~ dirtydarling

3/15/2018 2:43:27 PM
I need something real
Because I feel too fragile;
Too pieced together and
Stretched out a mile that
Anyone can chip away at
This glorified, mucked up bile.

Maybe it is about time
I am reconciled
To this lifestyle of Us.

~ dirtydarling

2/27/2018 2:59:50 PM
He said write a poem about poems,
and what can I say about that?
I don't search for poems.
Poems come and find me.
I take heart to listen;
To their branches at night,
Their Forgotten wings,
Their substance in nonsense.
They stir my soul
and I am compelled to seed
their notions of beauty.
So I answered and said
I shall write a poem about You
then, my Love.
You came and found me.
and since then
I've been doing nothing
but listening to Your beauty;
Of the words in Your silence
My need for Your guidance
The life in Your Darkness.
You are a Poem
That stirs my soul,
And I want nothing more
Than to love You more.
You are my Poem
So I shall write about You.
Most passionately.

~ dirtydarling

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