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Am not looking for a permanent Master, all I seek is a temporary Owner that can use me for few
Female Submissive, 28,  Any where, New York US

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 Submissive Female

 Any where 

 New York

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 7"

 130 lbs






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Am not looking for a permanent Master, all I seek is a temporary Owner that can use me for few hours or week and I leave. I can only stay long with an Owner for at most a week due to my work nature but if you need slave urgently I can always get them for you. I have own few slaves that i rent out and I sell few ones... I work as a massage therapist, in love taking care of older Men and Women. I love younger ones too.. If you are looking for a sub to take care of your home you can count on me... I have 10 years experience in this lifestyle . My first 5 years I served as a domestic and a sexual slave to my Couple Dom/Domme before trying other things.


Normal day We will wake up usually around 5-6 and you will almost always use me sexually then. Then i will get up and make breakfast and prepare your food for work. You will shower, and get cleaned up and leave for work. I will walk you to the door, kiss you and wish you a good day. Then while you gone I will have tasks such as cleaning, house hold chores, conditioning equipment usually monthly, keeping our schedule and planning vacations.

Also while you gone I will test out new toys and write reviews on them for you so you know what I like and how I like it and also what I hate. In addition to that i will be expected to play with myself and deny myself orgasm a few times a day depending where I am training. when you arrive home I will greet you at the door, kneel, and tell you about my day and what I accomplished. After that you will usually use my body for pleasure again. I will usually end up sucking your cock/cunt while we watch a show or you may have a session planned to use me.

I will cook dinner and we will eat. During my training I will eat under the table and when finished suck your cock/cunt till you are finished. When we go to bed i will kneel at the bed in silence and you will direct me to undress and get in bed. Then you will use me or sleep.


I love travelling. I love movies, I love going to the gym, hiking, bike ride, food, something or we will stay in and you will cuddle with me on the couch.


I have done ass play, blind folds, Bondage, cages, diapers, body worship, begging, collars, breast breeding, breast play, face slapping, fisting, gags, hair pulling, house work, hypnosis, fire play, foot worship, humiliation, public play, strap on, vibrators, spanking, piercing the nipples, slave tattoos, whips, role playing.


I'm interested in orgasm control, forced orgasms, 3 somes, sensory deprivation, service, a ring through your clit to attach a leash.


My slaves must serve, obey and please her Dom/Domme.

My slaves are instrument to be used by her Dom/Domme for his/her pleasures.

My slaves must ask her dom/Domme permission to satisfy whatever need they have before acting on it.

My slaves' body and mind is the property of her Dom/Domme.

My slaves must always give thanks to her Dom/Domme for all she is given immediately after receiving what He/She gives her.

My slaves must be submissive to her Dom/Domme.

When the cock/cunt of her Dom/Domme is put into her mouth and she is directed to suck it – she must do so vigorously as long as she is required to do so. She will not use her hands during the sucking unless directed to do so.

My slaves mouth may be referred to as a cunt for it will often be used as such.

My slaves must worship her Dom's/Domme's cock/cunt.

My slaves legs, underarms and cunt must be kept completely shaved smooth and clean so that nothing of her is hidden from view.

My slaves cunt and ass must be thoroughly washed and properly perfumed before serving her Dom/Domme.

My slaves must always be ready to please her Dom/Domme.

The opportunity to please her Dom/Domme is very important to her and she must take every chance to do so

Check my Journals from time to time. Activities of what is happening will be posted on it or you can add me on yahoo at Slavecharlene. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

Journal Entries:
6/13/2017 4:14:08 AM
Prepared to leave United Kingdom. Thanks to you all.

6/12/2017 4:21:35 PM
I can Loan you money if you are in need today whether it’s unexpected bills, someone’s birthday or you just want some extra cash. I have help people who have bad and good situations. Leaving UK today.

6/11/2017 8:26:47 PM
Will be going back to New York on the 18th.

6/4/2017 3:46:53 AM
MY PAST EXPERIENCES I have had submissive feelings as long as I know since I was young. But I never knew what do with it. I was born in it because my mom and dad was a Dom Couples but never wanted their children to go into it like they do. When I started to use the internet, I discovered a whole world of domination and submission, but honestly: it scared me a little. The things I would usually see, all had to do with whips, nipple clams, and things like that. It was the leather and latex look all over. At first I am not attracted to pain; I don't fancy some good spanking or whatever. I don't want a gag ball in my mouth, or my breasts tied so tight they turn purple. I noticed my needs were a bit different then. I wanted to serve a Dom(me). I wanted to obey his or her wishes. It turns me on, I discovered. At first I was a bit shocked by this myself. Society wants women to be strong and emancipated. And here I am: I like to serve a Dom(me). In a sexy way, that is. I am not doing the dishes or cleaning toilets all day for fun. But doing the dishes in a sexy outfit, while my Dom(me) watches me... that makes it a whole different experience. And if he or she gets his or her hands on me while I am doing it; that is even better. I thought BDSM lifestyle was a sacrifice but I was wrong it's about giving up my whole self to my Dom(me), everything, unconditionally. WHAT I LEARNT FROM THIS LIFESTYLE I learnt from this lifestyle that I must trust in my Dom(me), unquestionable and all encompassing. I learnt that I will be safe, cared for completely and unconditionally if my Dom(me) take charge. I also learnt that my pleasure is my Dom(me)'s pleasure. Allowing my Dom(me) to take me places I can only dream, to feel things so exquisite words cannot express, to be myself without judgement or conditions. I learnt that a Dom(me) should know me better than I know myself, so you can test my limits and challenge me to push boundaries safely and freely. While I wait for you, on my knees in my submissive pose, I learnt that I must always cleanse my mind and prepare my body and soul. I learnt that BDSM lifestyle involves eradicating every principle and moral you have been conditioned to accept since you were born and retraining you to accept a whole new set of ideals, most of them, related to or about sex, and revolving around your Dom(me). You would in effect be a completely different person, redesigned as an object of sexual gratification, a being totally and utterly committed to pleasing your Dom(me) in every respect. I learnt in BDSM lifestyle that you must be prepared to obey any of your Dom(me)'s requests unconditionally, even if that means completely debasing and humiliating yourself in public.

6/1/2017 12:14:52 PM
I will be visiting London (UK) on the 10th of June. You can patronize me for men's Jewelries such as wrist watches and bracelets. Also ladies Jewelries such as bracelets, necklaces, ear rings, rings and brooches. All in Gold and silver. You can contact me for pictures of item. Thank you.

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